5 Top-Notch Alternatives to Alluc in 2020

by Daniel Segun February 3, 2020


Can you imagine? Alluc is no longer available. And that means that you definitely need a good alternative. Not the other one. The best one. And we are here to provide you with top-notch free options, that are able to replace Alluc once and forever. It’s a good opportunity for you to get back to finding and streaming your favorite movies and other content. 

Alluc was a free search engine for streaming links. It searched the web and collected data for video hosting links, making them accessible and viewable through its own search. After 13 years and more than 1000000 unique visitors, developers decided to close that project. They didn’t back even one of the many so-called Alluc projects that have popped up recently. They are fake and put users’ devices at risk because of dangerous malware. 

But we are ready to provide you with a list of outstanding and safe alternatives to Allus that are in the class of their own. Read on to discover new opportunities. 

What You Can Do Now Without Alluc

Our friendly team is always online to find the most affordable and convenient streaming services for you. All we want is to provide you with access to your favorite movies and shows. Now you can forget about dangerous sites or malware.

Before we provide you with a list of the most interesting alternatives to Alluc, read our Internet security recommendation. When watching streaming videos online, you should use a VPN. VPN is a service that not only protects you from legal consequences but also ensures the security of your device. Viruses and malware will no longer ruin your life.

Now get ready for the most exciting part! It’s time to introduce you to the best programs, that are representing a worthy alternative to Alluc.

The 5 Best Alluc Alternatives

Enjoy free content from any devices, using one of these 5 streaming websites. 

1. Tubi


Tubi is a free streaming video service. It provides users with licensed content on completely legal grounds. How do you think why? This website is supported by advertising! Of course, not all users like it, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to tolerate advertising for the sake of the huge amount of free films in the online catalog. In addition, Tubi is constantly expanding its range.

You can use this application from any device. Whether you have Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 4 or even Xbox One, it is possible to watch streaming videos in good quality.

2. TwoMovies

TwoMovies interface

Another free website to watch streaming videos with a large online library. Here you will find more than 50 thousand various movies and TV shows. Do not think that this content is limited. The creators of the platform regularly update the collection for users. 

Besides, now you have the opportunity to configure the filtering of search results. Just imagine: you want to see a show that was available in 2000. A couple of seconds and you’re done! User-friendly interface and filtering capabilities make TwoMovies one of the best services.

3. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher interface

The third online streaming platform on our list is MovieWatcher. Here you will get overview information from popular websites like IMDB. Many of the videos here are available in HD quality. The number of visits to the website continues to grow, as the creators of the service take care of regularly updating the online catalog.

4. Popcorn Time

MovieWatcher interface

Popcorn Time is a popular application among worldwide users. If you use iOS, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux devices, you will definitely appreciate its outstanding benefits.

First of all, this is a huge catalog of amazing movies or shows. The service collects the best deals from torrent websites. Videos in different quality formats are available here, as well as videos with closed captions.

What do you definitely love on this website? A good choice that will cheer you up! Well, an intuitive interface, of course!

5. MovieNinja

MovieNinja interface

MovieNinja website is a last but not least element of our fantastic five! Its library consists exclusively of films and TV shows in HD quality. Of course, movies are an essential guide of this service, but if you consider yourself a fan of some popular television shows, you will definitely find your favorite seasons here. And most importantly, all the videos on this website are available in amazing quality!

Using the service, you will notice that he offers you films that are similar to those that you have already watched. A great opportunity to broaden your horizons and for exciting leisure.

VPNs Keep Your Safety While Streaming Online

Want to get a helpful recommendation from us? When streaming a movie or TV show online, always use a reliable VPN such as VeePN This service will help ensure the security of both your device and your personal data. This is a virtual private network created especially for you and your convenience. If you want to access geo-restricted content, VPN will provide it to you. No third parties will find out about your online activity. You must understand that free streaming sites are a big security risk. Use VeePN and you won’t have to think about it.

Don’t Worry About Malicious Ads and Third-Party Sites

What, do you think, allows most free streaming websites to exist? Of course, this is advertising. And you should understand that online ads are a big risk. They often contain malicious code or software designed to harm your device. Even worse, they are able to hack your browser.

Services like VeePN allow you to block ads. This is the best antivirus protection for your security.

What About Legal Consequences? Stay Protected! 

If you use different websites to watch streaming videos, you already know that proper copyright is necessary. Ignore this aspect and you will face a lawsuit. Therefore, you need a VPN. This is exactly the program that is able to mask your IP address and encrypt your online traffic. Not a third party will get access to your online activity. You are completely safe.

Access Movies and Shows With Restricted Geolocation

Intellectual property rights pose additional challenges. One of them is geoblock. While in Canada, you may not be able to access the video that was posted for the residents of the UK. Using VeePN, you will bypass all geoblocks and gain access to the desired content. Just connect to the VPN server in a specific country. Enjoy watching the video!

Avoid Internet Service Provider Control

Do you know who always gets access to your online activity? This is your internet provider! Representatives of this company are able to limit your connection. For example, they deliberately slow down so you can’t watch your favorite movies and TV shows online. But if you use a VPN, you are not even aware of such issues.

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