7 Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives

by Daniel Segun January 31, 2020


To share files on the Internet, you need to use a reliable site. Since Kickass Torrents no longer exists, we have prepared a list of decent alternatives.

 Best Kickass Alternatives That Work in 2020

Until 2016, Kickass Torrents was used by thousands of people to share files. Based on various ratings, that site was 68th in terms of traffic worldwide. However, after the arrest of the owner of the resource, Artem Vaulin, the activity of the site was stopped. Artem Vaulin has been accused of copyright infringement worth more than $ 1 billion. However, the KAT model is still considered suitable and in demand on the Internet.

Kickass Torrents’ employees created the katcr.co service, which contained the traffic of the original resource. However, the site has not received much recognition, as it is inconsistent, often freezes and is not allowed in several countries. However, there are dozens of alternative resources on the Internet that work on the KAT principle. Most of them are safe and well optimized.

Torrent resources are often prohibited and blocked; however, the number of new sites exceeds blocked ones. Thus, you can always find any file or article. However, using Kickass Torrents Alternatives, you need to enable a reliable VPN. Despite the rating of torrenting resources, using a VPN strengthens security.

We have collected the 7 best Alternative sites to Kickass Torrents, which have decent optimization and security. Besides, we will recommend several strong VPNs that are in the top ratings. Using KAT Alternatives along with the proper VPN, you can be sure of security.

Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives to Use in 2020

We have compiled a list of sites with proper protection and a high rating. Those KAT alternatives are safe and used by thousands of users.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Logo

This site has been at the top of the ranking for several years. Despite numerous blockages and prohibitions on use, The Pirate Bay is still very popular. However, developers are constantly changing the domain so that the resource is not frozen. Frequent interventions do not guarantee access to the service at any time of the day, as it is sometimes disabled.

To be able to access the service, we recommend using the Pirate Bay proxy server. Besides, you can try the Always-Online feature, which guarantees access at any time. With those technologies, you get access to over a million torrents containing dozens of categories.

Based on the Alexa rating, The Pirate Bay is ranked 122nd in terms of visits. This is a well-deserved place because the resource is well optimized and easy to use. Users appreciate the resource for its simplicity and clarity. It is also considered stable because you can always find the file you need. However, having a VPN guarantees access, even if the site is blocked by your ISP.

2. ExtraTorrent

Extratorent interface

The advantage of this service is the constant updating and improvement of user convenience. Although ExtraTorrent has been operating since 2006 and is in great demand, developers continue to optimize the resource. Some time ago, the site updated its URL address, which indicates the next improvements from the software side.

The resource allows you to find almost any movie, TV program, game or audio file. It will also be useful for programmers as you can download software. However, to understand the interface, beginners will need a little time.

The creators of ExtraTorrent took care of the absence of aggressive advertising, so you will not see pop-up windows or constant notifications. In addition to it, on the site, you will find lists of the best torrents for each need and their rating. There is also a group of copywriters responsible for maintaining a blog on the safe use of torrents.

All things considered, ExtraTorrent is not only a reliable KAT Alternative Website but also an environment for reading news and collections about torrents and their use.

3. 1337X

1337X Logo

The advantage of this service is a convenient search and quick processing of information. Using 1337X, you do not have to browse hundreds of torrents to find the one you need. Thanks to optimized search and browsing capabilities, the site saves you time.

You will effortlessly find new episodes of the show or award ceremony. Despite the presence of advertising, this does not distract from browsing through site and viewing.

Until recently, the resource was not completely secure. However, after a general update, the developers fixed the system problems, so the 1337X was at the top of our rating.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle interface

This Kickass Torrents Alternative Site will appeal to game lovers. The resource contains almost 4 million hand-picked torrents and special software. To your attention also more than 40 thousand popular films. If you cannot find a TV program or TV show, Zooqle will solve this problem. There you will find about 700 different television programs.

So far, the site does not hit records for views, but the number of users is growing rapidly. The disadvantages of the service include the appearance since it is too simple. However, this is a plus for beginners among torrent users. When forming a search query, you can configure filters and specify the language and size of the torrent.

5. YTS

YTS Logo

The advantage of the site is in wide access for customers with limited bandwidth. YTS offers the same as Kickass Torrents, but in a compressed format, that is, easier to download. This allows you to use and download any files without exceeding the limits.

If we talk about films and television programs, on the site you will find a huge number of classic and old films. This makes YTS the best resource for movie fans of different categories. However, we do not recommend using YTS for downloading games or software.


RARBG interface

This site has a huge number of both new and obsolete torrents that are equally fast to download. The service guarantees the high quality of both torrents and the resource as a whole. The interface will be understandable for everyone, even if you have never visited such sites. For over 11 years, the site has maintained high positions in the ratings and the number of regular users.

RARGB developers took care of the convenience and sorted torrents into popular categories. This way you will find a movie or an audio file if you are not sure about the name or want to download something new.

Over the past couple of years, the service has been blocked in the UK, Denmark, and other countries. However, since the service is popular, users gain access through a VPN. We recommend that you choose the right VPN and use RARBG without concern.

7. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents interface

We placed the resource last in the list because we consider it only as a replacement. For example, if you do not have access to the popular Kickass Torrents Alternatives, you can consider this as a good option. However, be prepared for lengthy downloads and bugs on the server from time to time.

LimeTorrents shows only torrents that are tagged by many users. You most likely will not find outdated torrents or those that are not in demand. Despite this, the site is easy to use and the download speed is above average. You will also find collections of torrents for various purposes.

The resource handles most of the new releases and torrents, so find the old one will be complicated. However, if you trust the experience of others, this site is a good alternative.

Why You Need to Use A VPN When Browsing Through Torrenting Sites

Most torrenting sites are protected from hacking from the outside, but they cannot guarantee the absence of viruses inside the resource. Torrents are in demand by thousands of users, so it’s impossible to check each one for a threat. Also, hackers can steal your data or intercept the downloaded file. However, thanks to a quality VPN, you ensure the secure use of such sites.

VPN services hide information about your location and online sessions. They protect your device from hacker attacks and also protect the data channel. Let’s discuss why you should have a VPN enabled:

1. Access from anywhere in the worldwide

Popular torrent sites are often banned for use in several countries. Using a VPN, you connect to a server in another region, and you can use any resource. Choose a service with a wide selection of servers to have more access options.

If you are a resident of Australia, this item is the main one for you. In 2018, more than 180 pirated domains that were used on 78 sites were blocked in this country. This ban is controlled by the Australian government and will be active for 3 years.

Using a VPN, you can change the country from which you are connecting to a torrent resource. This gives you access to dozens of professional sites.

2. Protection against legal violations

Using torrenting sites, you cannot be sure of copyright protection. To protect yourself legally, enable VPN before entering the site. So you protect yourself from copyright infringement charges.

VPN hides information about your activity, so you can be calm when downloading files. Neither the provider nor third parties will be able to receive information about your actions.

3. Protection of data transmission channel and personal information

VPN services protect your device from intrusion. When transmitting data, the communication channel is encrypted, so your data is protected. Thus, there is no way virus programs infiltrate your device.

In addition to protection from hackers, VPN hides information about online sessions. This does not allow providers to determine the time of activity from your account.

Top 3 VPN for Using Torrenting Sites

When choosing a VPN, you need to pay attention to the rating, level of protection and speed of the service. Free applications rarely offer quality services and do not guarantee reliable protection. Therefore, when choosing a VPN, it is important to watch the reviews and read the opinions of specialists.

However, VPN charges do not guarantee adequate protection and accessibility. Therefore, determining a reliable service on your own is quite difficult. However, we analyzed the available services and selected 3 worthy VPNs. Each of them deserves attention because it has strong encryption and good optimization.

1. Veepn.com

VeePN VPN devices

This VPN provides unlimited access to any torrenting websites from 50 locations. The application works on all devices and guarantees strong data encryption. Using Veepn.com , you are confident in the confidentiality and security of access to any services.

This VPN is optimized for laptops and computers, as well as for a tablet or smartphone. The interface is clear and simple, and you can access it both from iOS and a Windows or Android device. With one touch, you hide information about the geolocation and the account from which you are logged in.

At your disposal is 256-bit encryption, with which the download speed reaches its maximum value. Besides, Veepn.com will protect your device from virus attacks via Wi-Fi. Now you can not worry about automatically connecting to Wi-Fi in the metro or coffee shop. VPN will become active as soon as you connect to an unknown network.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN devices

The advantage of this service is the fast loading and processing of information. This is impressive because the VPN has servers in 94 countries. This does not affect the security level. The service has several stages of encryption and an automatic switch in case of disconnection. Besides, ExpressVPN has unlimited bandwidth.

You can unlock hundreds of popular services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This application works on all types of devices, as well as on some routers. The creators guarantee a refund within 30 days if you have any problems or inconsistencies.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost devices

The advantage of the service is the lack of bandwidth limitations and ease of use even for beginners. The application guarantees the security and strong encryption of the data channel. You do not have to worry about data privacy.

CyberGhost automatically offers to connect you to one of the 6,000 servers, choosing the fastest. You can connect effortlessly to Comedy Central, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and similar sites. The service works on all types of devices. Besides, you can test the technology for 45 days, and issue a refund if you were not satisfied with the quality.

Final Thoughts

Using Kickass Torrents Alternatives, you get the ability to find and download any files. Thanks to this article, you will find the right Torrenting Site and expand the boundaries of Internet browsing. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the torrenting sites usage laws for your country. This will help to avoid violations and encourage illegal activities.

In order not to worry about copyright infringement, we recommend using a high-quality VPN. This will ensure confidentiality and reliable data protection. Besides, VPN hides information about your activity, which guarantees peace and confidence. Using our rating, you can choose the best VPN and enjoy using Top Torrenting Sites!

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