Anime best torrent sites – how to find them?

by Daniel Segun January 15, 2020


Anime is a rather strange ‘product’ – these are animated films that are watched mostly by adults. Moreover, they are also produced for adults, not for kids! Yes, really less than one third from huge anime production is dedicated to children. The other two-thirds are loved by millions of admirers all over the world. Even those cartoons look easy and their graphic is nearly hand-drawn, the production of every anime movie is a labor-intensive process that is done by many professionals. It is possible to talk for hours why Japanese animated movies are so admired, but here we have another task.

So, you know what anime is, you like it, you watch it, you want to stream it. You are constantly searching for new anime and definitely, you meet the difficulties finding the content you need. The situation is as following because Japan authorities started a strict campaign against those who stream and even translate anime and manga illegally. It is natural because anime production brings in a big revenue in its home country and the Japanese government isn’t interested in giving anime for nothing. 

But as it became clear – nothing is impossible. Using torrent sites for anime in combination with VPN you can watch and stream so adorable cartoons being anywhere in the world.

Torrent sites that hit top ten

  2. Thepiratebay.Org
  4. Shana Project
  7. Anime Layer

Of course, there are plenty of other sites where anime can be found, but those mentioned above are worth a good overview. And here we go.

This site is proudly known as the best torrent anime library. Without false modesty, it boasts the widest choice of everything that pretends to be called anime. is well done and well-organized website with a user-friendly interface and in combination with perfect content, it occupies the leading position. 

Anime series (One Punch, Naruto, etc) or anime movies (Cowboy Bebop The Movie, Ghost In The Shell, etc), subbed or dubbed – almost anything from anime world can be found on


To be true, Thepiratebay.Org isn’t anime specialized torrent site, but its wide library contains so many movies, music, TV shows and even anime that you can really apply for its help while looking for an anime movie. Just use the search bar and enter the name of the cartoon you look for, the rest will be done of its own accord – a system of Thepiratebay.Org will show you the most relevant results. is another anime torrent site that can be called one of the best. It is loved by many users for its wide choice of anime and the possibility to comment torrents and to read what other users think of them. Definitely, it helps to form your own opinion about this or that torrent. has a well-thought-out interface that makes it easy to use. Its popularity is confirmed by so many seeders online.

Shana Project

It is specialized in anime file-sharing and gives unlimited access to its content. In order to find so desirable anime, you can use the search bar or either see the list of all cartoons which are sorted in line with the alphabet and listed according to their seasons and episodes. Using Shana Project you will have the possibility to make all your downloads automatic. is the one who follows the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and does it carefully. For its users, it means that they won’t be able to find any illegal videos there, but those that can be found will be 100% legal. So, go there, find your anime and be sure – you keep within the law.

This website is another one that doesn’t call anime its specialization. But thanks to the great variety of the torrent files presented there, anime lovers usually address their requests to and their wishes are usually realized.

Anime Layer

Anime Layer has all the rights to be called the most stylish and attractive file sharing anime websites. In combination with the wide choice of perfect anime content this website is very much eye-catching for all the admirers of Japanese cartoons. Both anime serious as well as anime movies can be found there.

If you look for optimized anime cartoons in high quality and subtitled in many languages, you definitely have to visit The website includes Blu-Ray episodes and also suggests using options free from ads to those who want it. is another great file sharing platform for those who admire that kind of Japanese art. A lot of series and movies, as well as brief information about them, can be easily found on is the beginner in this field and it is rather new compared with other websites listed above. Though it gained its piece of popularity already and it was easy for it because of the good choice of anime series. Moreover, you can download any video in the quality you prefer – low, medium or high. It means a lot, doesn’t it?

A couple of words in conclusion

No one will be able to answer clearly why anime is so popular. Maybe it is because for the Western world Japan always was a kind of mysterious country and Western people wanted to feel a little bit closer to the country of samurai. Maybe that special hand-drawn technology and those strange heroes with big eyes were so different from local heroes and so attractive because of that. But the real answer isn’t interesting for anyone. For those who admire anime and dream just about finding the new episode of the beloved series the place where to find it matters.

The sites listed above aren’t the sole possessors of ultimate truth. There are a lot of other websites that are definitely worth visiting. Some of them are ISOHunts.To,, and so on. Remember – all good things come to he who waits and looks.

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