How to send an anonymous email?

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


When sending an email to our friends or colleagues, we do not pay much attention to our privacy. However, there are situations when we want or simply need to stay undisclosed. Sure, it is not an everyday necessity. But when you need to do it urgently, you should know how to do it quickly. 

Did you know that your IP, location, subject lines, and recipients of your emails are tracked by the email service provider? And strong encryption won’t help in that case. So, if you want your identity to stay secret, you should use an anonymous email provider.

Why we may need an anonymous email

We live in an absolutely transparent world where all our data is nearly an open book. Very often, we want to keep our information private but it is shared with other people through email. And we often need to send our emails anonymously for some legitimate reasons:

  • Journalists often need to have private communication with their sources on different sensitive topics.
  • Activists fighting for human rights may be concerned about their privacy and want to feel safe.
  • Some countries monitor emails and personal information and due to their oppressive regime, people need to stay anonymous.
  • You want to whistle blow or inform on corruption or some other important things without revealing your identity.
  • Some people totally avoid tech giants to read their emails or online activity.
  • And, if you simply care about your security and don’t want your emails to be identified in case of a breach, you may want to work with them anonymously.

How to achieve anonymity

Anonymous email allows sending an even without a possibility to trace back to you and doesn’t obtain any private information. Here is how you can achieve your anonymity:

  • Make your location invisible by sending an email via a proxy server.
  • Not stating such information as your identity, the message time stamp, and the return address.
  • Create a general email account and use fake contact information.

But not all people use anonymous emails for legitimate reasons, some hackers may send malicious mail using their anonymous accounts. When you get such an email, you click the link that installs malware or a virus on your computer and your information becomes vulnerable.

How an anonymous email work

An anonymous email can be sent in several ways with different anonymity degrees. The easiest way is to create your Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook account providing a fake name and personal information. Sure, you can’t reach total privacy this way, while you anyways provide a valid phone number to verify it. But if you don’t want to disclose your real information, it will help.

A private email service is a better way to reach your anonymity, while they don’t need much of your personal information and include the following features:

  • The blocker of the IP address
  • Two-way encryption
  • Password protection
  • Automatic email expiration

Top anonymous mail providers

There are lots of email providers offering such services. Some of them just encrypt the email content, which means they do not protect your identity to the fullest. Below, you will find the best providers of anonymous emails.


This provider is one of the most secure ones while using PGP encryption before the email leaves your device. A zero-knowledge policy they use ensures that even their employees can’t see your messages. But there are some drawbacks, too. They do not encrypt such data as subject lines, headers, and metadata.

When creating your account, you don’t need any identifiable information. But what should you do if you forget your password? For that purpose, they have the option of linking a recovery email. If you opt for a free account, you are able to set up 150 messages per day and have 500MB of storage. There is a paid option as well which will give you more opportunities.

Secure Email

They use 4096-bit key encryption and SSL encryption to encrypt your emails. No need to share any personal information. Your IP is not logged, so even the government can’t get your information. Their privacy policy is very transparent and they do not cooperate with the US PRISM surveillance program.


This is a very popular anonymous email provider. Its advantage is they encrypt everything, from your emails to the whole inbox. Even your contact list can’t be disclosed. You can send encrypted messages not only to its users but to non-users as well. But in that case, a pre-shared password is needed.
A free plan is pretty enough while you can enjoy 1MB of storage. No one is able to locate you. By the way, their software is free.

Guerilla Mail

This email provider is greatly encrypted, too. And it’s no wonder while it has been on the market for more than 10 years now. You can easily get a free anonymous email address with their help. It is unique while it provides a “scramble address” feature meaning you can have a randomized address.

As in all the previous cases, you don’t have to provide any personal data. But what is even more interesting, you can send anonymous mail without having an account. But you will need to act quickly while all the received messages are valid for an hour only.

How else you can send emails anonymously

  • Just to send mails. If your goal is to send an anonymous email only and not get a reply, choose a one-way platform. You can keep your identity completely hidden or use the public PGP key to encrypt the messages only with such tools as CyberAtlantis, W3Anonymous Remailer, AnonymouseMail, etc.
  • Just to get emails. TrashMail is one of the best solely inbox email providers. You can get a free account with up to 25 disposable emails and 16 different domains. You won’t get any spam messages when using that mail. From 1 day to 1 year a lifespan can be set, too. Once the lifespan ends, the account is deleted automatically.
  • Gmail anonymous mail. Some users can’t depart with Gmail, so they create accounts with fake information to send mail anonymously. But don’t forget you will need a valid phone number to confirm it. But after creating your fake account, set up PGP encryption and even Google will not get to your emails. But they still will be able to see your location and IP-address.

If you don’t want that to happen, use a VPN. 

Before using any anonymous mail providers, read their privacy policy. There are lots of traps there. Even if your personal info is not required, your IP-address and email content may still be scanned. Once the illegal activity or spam is suspected, your information will be passed to the law enforcement authorities.

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