Find out the best onion sites on the dark web and learn about their safe using

You have probably noticed that some sites are not available for viewing through a standard browser. All such sites are in a dark network. It's easy enough to distinguish them because they have the ending .onion. The Internet hides them to protect you from inappropriate information. However, it is in a dark network that the most interesting data is sometimes hidden. So that you can open new horizons on the Internet, there is a browser Tor.

Want to protect yourself while traveling through the depths of the network? Then carefully read the sites that we have selected.

Why do you need access to a deep network?

Although the name "deep network" may scare you, it is not only safe, but also very useful. Often sites on this network include everyday platforms that have a limited range of uses. You can access the deep network through additional applications. However, some sites are protected from all intrusions, and the Tor browser was created to allow you to use them.

Caring about Internet security and safety

There are several points to protect your data. First, make sure that your device has a high-quality antivirus program. This way you protect yourself from hacking and virus infection. We also recommend downloading the VPN, which is responsible for the security of personal data. These applications protect your data from access and guarantee complete anonymity.

What about the Tor browser itself, it has a multi-level security system? All the information that you use passes through special nodes. The encryption system is very strong because each server sees only your last step in moving from one node to the next. Thus, no one outsider notice your actions.

Please note that only with the observance of security rules you can enter the dark network. The problem is that some sites are malicious and can harm your computer. Every time you want to use this part of the worldwide web, be sure to check the activity of the VPN. If you do not know which program to download, pay attention to NordVPN and ExpressVPN because they are easy to use and preserve the anonymity of each action.

All about the security of .onion sites

Using the Tor browser, you will notice that each site has just such an ending. You can also say with confidence that you are unlikely to be able to visit one site several times using a regular link. Developers care about their safety, so the page address can constantly change. It also plays into your hands, since hackers do not have enough time to track the action.

If you decide to start exploring a deep network, be sure of anonymity. Before each visit to the .onion site, use a combination of Tor and VPN. The problem is that using only the browser, your actions are visible to the Internet provider, so you lose anonymity. And although each transition through the nodes cannot be tracked, your data remains visible to the server for a while. However, since you attach a VPN, you can safely switch between the .onion tabs.

If the instruction seems to you too complicated, NordVPN will become a real salvation. The fact is that servers for using a deep network are already built into this program. After checking the reliable protection, you just need to enter the desired link with the end .onion and start working.

Precautionary measures

If you are serious about using such sites, pay attention to the following points. By executing them, you take care of your data one more time.

Exploring deep web sites

If you are ready to go to the most hidden part of the Internet, we offer you a list of popular .onion sites. Using their example, we will show you what is inside the dark web.

Analogues of famous sites

News organizations and data exchange

Other possibilities

If you are sure - you can act

As you can see, a dark network can be very useful if you know what to look for. In this environment, you can be yourself and not be afraid of blocking. Also, note that all .ionion sites described above make up only a small part of the entire system. However, be careful: a deep network requires special vigilance and common sense.

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