Do you miss YIFY? Here are Seven YIFY alternatives!

by Daniel Segun January 6, 2020


YIFY Torrents or simply YTS, as we know it, is a torrent website that specializes in releases of high-quality movies. All the movies performed on YIFY are optimized to the maximum in order to reduce their size and make those movies available to people that pay per meter of the Internet or live in distant areas with bad Internet coverage.

Unfortunately, most of the similar websites tend to disappear from time to time and YIFY Torrents is not an exception. That is why you should know what YIFY alternatives exist and which of them are the best in terms of quality, speed, and reliability.

When YIFY became unavailable and faced the same fate as Torrentz and Pirate Bay, torrenters started looking for alternatives and the best replacement. However, it is really hard to find, because YIFY was a source of the quality content and it is difficult for others to top them.

Will YIFY ever return? We don’t have the answer but more and more clones emerge, leaving users unsatisfied.

Where did the YIFY go?

If you have been a torrenter for a while, you probably know that YIFY was a real blast and became popular literally overnight, especially among those, who were in a constant search of freshly released movies of high quality.

Millions traffic was generated every day and its popularity was increasing, leaving competitors far behind. Unfortunately, one day everything that website visitors saw was a blank page. Yes, YIFY was down several times for a few hours but never longer.

After conducting an investigation, it turned out that YIFY was shut down after the MPAA lawsuit on several million dollars! Since then torrenters have to search for YIFY alternatives, questioning themselves whether their favorite torrent will ever return.

Luckily, there are still a few mirror sites available. But if you want something more, below we are ready to present you to our top-7 torrents that also have a few bargaining chips!

YIFY Alternatives: top 7 websites

Some torrenters still go to, a mirror of YIFY. However, for those, who still miss the original website and are not ready to tolerate its mirror, we are happy to introduce you to a few great alternatives. I hope that you will like them as much as we do!


Movie4k is translated into many languages, so it is not surprising that this torrent is so popular across the world. That is one of the main reasons why their selection of links is so vivid and is constantly growing.

Movie4k is also a great option for lovers of European cinema and not only those, who prefer Hollywood comedies or action movies. Apart from international movies, users can find all-time favorite movies: from TV shows of the ’90s to the latest blockbusters. Really, Movie4k has an outstanding selection of movies that even the most devoted fans will appreciate.

As a bonus, this website has a convenient search engine and provides metadata from IMDb, so users may read descriptions and feedbacks at once. Even though Movie4k doesn’t have YiFi torrents, it can boast a multi-language environment and a huge variety of movies.

Movie4k is definitely one of the best YIFY alternatives at the moment!


CmoviesHD is a great alternative to YiFi movies with a broad selection of titles and speedy results. Apart from it, this website has a variety of features to make browsing simpler and more convenient: you can get information about the movie from IMDb metadata and can search for foreign movies using their original titles. Isn’t it life-changing?

CmoviesHD is a speedy and vivid website with a variety of features. It can also boast a smart design, which is easy on the eye, especially for those, who prefer browsing late after midnight (due to a dark color scheme).

Streams are loaded really fast and give an impression as if you are using a top steaming platform. That is why CmoviesHD is a great YIFY alternative and is worth attention even of the most demanding torrenters.

However, when testing Cmovies we stumbled across a minor issue: some of the advertisements were not loading. Luckily, this doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of content they deliver or with the safety of downloads. That is why you can enjoy watching your favorite movies with Cmovies without risking anything.


This torrent may be a less popular one but it is still good and can offer users a huge library, which helped them to gain lots of traffic in a really short time.

So if you are used to a wide selection of movies that YIFY had to offer, we recommend you trying Kickasstorrents out.


I guess every torrenter knows what ISOHunt is. It existed since the beginning of torrenting era. Even during the times, when torrenting was still something new and not a common trend.
Luckily, it is still working even under the tighter laws and restrictions. ISO has one of the oldest and largest libraries of torrents online, which is really impressive!

On top of it, ISOHunt is on the DMCA hitlist, which means that it is solid and has a huge potential to replace YIFY in terms of movie selection and quality of provided services.


Zoogle is a BitSnoop substitute, which disappeared in 2017 (as many torrents did at that time). Since then Zoogle managed to collect a database of almost 4 million torrents and most of them are verified!

Considering that Zoogle is a relatively new market player, 4 million torrents sounds really impressive, so if you are a former BitSnoop fan, you will surely like Zoogle and won’t notice a big difference. Even the most sophisticated YIFY users will find this alternative quite satisfying.


RarBG is mostly known as a host of ‘high-res’ content and has built its reputation by following the universal torrenting rules. It is a torrent-indexing platform, which is definitely known in all corners of the world.

RarBG has an impressive library of content, which includes movies, TV shows, games, and even programs. This means that RarBG has everything in one place if you are looking not only for movies but also for updated software, new versions of your favorite game or the last episode of a TV show. We think that RarBG is surely one of the best YIFY alternatives.

Lime Torrents

You may have not heard of Lime Torrents yet but it is not surprising considering the number of torrents that emerge day after day. Luckily, Lime Torrents have a few distinguishing features and have all the chances of being called the next giant of the torrent market especially considering that many participants have serious flaws.

Lime Torrents are one of the best YIFY alternatives and have already gained a solid reputation among torrenters. It has a user-friendly interface and can boast a fine selection of movies. We are sure that these guys have quite a solid future!

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