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WebRTC is a special tool that enables browsers if installed, establish real-time with websites a user browses. With this is a tool you can exchange message, make video conferences with other people in a real-time mode without installation of any additional app. Read More

The need to protect personal data on the Internet often entails the use of such services as a VPN. Sometimes you may notice an insignificant decrease in speed as data gets encrypted in the process. Here is a piece of advice for you on how to come over this slight drawback. Read More

Bandwidth is an indicator of the amount of data that you can download/upload to your PC during a certain period. Units to measure this amount are bits per second or shortly bps.Bandwidth depends on the device you use and router, internet provider, etc. Read More

Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without the internet. We do so many things there – communicate, make shopping, pay our bills, work, etc. however, what you do online is known not only to you. Government institutions, advertising agencies, websites themselves track your movements on the internet. Read More

Those dealing with torrenting will naturally wonder whether it is legal and safe. You should know that some countries do not have any regulations on torrenting, which means that it is a legal and secure activity. If you happen to live not in one of those lucky countries, there are still ways to do torrenting. Read More

VPN is a popular nowadays technology that is used for online security. This software is known for a lot of advantages, but sometimes users are tormented by legitimate doubts. The most common question is: “Does VPN affect speed reduction?” Read More

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