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To chose a method for unblocking let’s first see what Omegle is and why you can get blocked there. Omegle is a website for online chatting. It differs from others because the random system of the website matches two people in the same chat where they can communicate. Read More

There a few reasons for your internet speed to be unsatisfactory. Sometimes your Internet Service Provider can limit it. Such restrictions may result in long and annoying buffering distorting your working or entertainment hours with pauses. Read More

The so-called “Onion over VPN” is known as the most secure way to use the Internet and protect your personal data. We’ve prepared material for you to know how it works and how you can benefit from using such a method. Read More

Online privacy and security is an urgent issue nowadays. Because of the risks of being monitored and exposing your personal data on the Internet, various solutions emerged to ensure your anonymity. Read More

What we think about at first when we are planning safe traveling? Right! Saving your passport, wallet, credit cards and smartphone. But nowadays that’s not all. Nowadays protecting your devices from the threats of open Wi-Fi networks is also of high importance. Read More

As you probably know, people mostly use VPN for reasons of Internet security and privacy, to keep their online transactions and communications safe and private. These are obvious reasons to use a VPN, but there are also not so obvious ones. Read More

Really, Cable TV was never on top in the list of modern entertainments. The users can’t choose content to their liking, reception is middling, and it is necessary to be paid for – these and other features don’t help it to gain higher positions also. Read More

Kodi is one of the most popular platforms that is really a unique media player. It can be used instead of ‘program’ player and gives its users the possibility to watch TV and streaming channels, listen to music online, watch photos, etc. Read More

The niche of sharing files is like a constantly changing world. A lot of sites appear and most of them disappear without even being noticed. Only some of them can stay on top. Extra Torrent was one of them. Read More

In order to make things clear from the very beginning, let’s answer the question of what Roku is. Of course, if you are Roku’s owner, you don’t need the answer, but then. Roku is a collective term for all the streaming devices that are produced by Roku Corporation. Read More

Anime is rather strange ‘product’ – these are animated films that are watched mostly by adults. Moreover, they are also produced for adults, not for kids! Yes, really less than one third from huge anime production is dedicated to children. Read More

When you have several hours to wait for your flight at the airport, it's so natural that you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Read More

Of course, everyone would like to maintain the greatest degree of anonymity while using the Internet. Every day, attackers’ desire to get your insider information is becoming increasingly clear. Read More

Messengers have long become an integral part of our daily lives. With these simple and free apps, you can chat with family, friends, colleagues, and others Read More

TIf you are a frequent user of such browsers as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge or Google Chrome, you apparently have already met with the so-called cookies. In this article, we will describe in detail the principle of their work and talk about ways to deal with tracking cookies. Read More

A proxy server is a set of programs in various computer systems, which is an intermediary between the target server and the user. It is designed to perform indirect client requests, as well as receive responses. Read More

Each state has many television channels. However, only with the help of paid cable channels, users have the opportunity to watch what they really like without unnecessary and at times even annoying programs, which are an integral part of the state television. Read More

YIFY Torrents or simply YTS, as we know it, is a torrent website that specializes in releases of high-quality movies. All the movies performed on YIFY are optimized to the maximum in order to reduce their size and make those movies available to people that pay per meter of the Internet or live in distant areas with bad Internet coverage. Read More

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