A guide on how to deactivate or delete your account in Snapchat

by Daniel Segun February 10, 2020


Tired of Snapchat and want to take a break or stop using it? We made a step-by-step instruction on how to delete or deactivate your Snapchat Account.

Find out how to deactivate or delete a Snapchat account

There are many reasons for deleting or deactivating an account in Snapchat. You may have noticed that you spend too much time on the application and decided to take a break. You may also be unhappy with the behavior of other people or with innovations in terms of use. If you decide to clear the smartphone’s memory, they may be included in the list of remote applications. Also, a recent leak of information has forced users to reconsider their views on Snapchat.

It turned out that the application can be used to monitor and steal user data. The app has a built-in SnapLion application, with which the police can access each person’s data. Starting from email and ending with the current location – this data is no longer safe. All your photos can be viewed and used against you.

Based on the message, your data is viewed not only by the police but also by Snapchat employees. You cannot protect yourself from viewing and using your files. The best option to protect yourself is to delete your Snapchat account. We have prepared instructions for deactivating your account through a mobile application or laptop.

First Method: Delete your Snapchat Account via Web Version

  1. Enter the link https://accounts.snapchat.com and log in
  2. Select “Delete my Account
  3. Fill the gaps with your username and password, click on “Continue
  4. Wait a moment until the inscription “Account Deactivated” appears

Now your account is deactivated for 30 days. If you don’t log in for a month, it will be deleted. Nevertheless, you can take a rest for a while and get back to using your Snapchat account. All you need is to log in using your username and password. Sometimes it takes a user up to 24 hours to relaunch their account.

Second Method: Delete your Snapchat Account via Mobile Application

  1. Find the Snapchat application and open it
  2. Login to account
  3. Click on the icon of your account’s avatar
  4. Go to Settings by finding the icon in the upper right corner
  5. Find the Support section and choose Help Centre
  6. Choose a section My Account and Security > Account Information > Delete my Account
  7. Click on link “accounts portal” under the inscription “How to delete your Snapchat account
  8. Step by step repeat the actions from the previous method

How to permanently delete an account

So, you have deactivated your account. For Snapchat to delete it, you must not log in to your account for more than 30 days. Based on the usage policy, after 30 days your account will be deleted. However, you cannot delete data permanently, because part of the information will always remain in the application. Snapchat states that some of your data is stored for safety and legal purposes.

Privacy Policy: pay attention to those Snapchat rules

By installing Snapchat you agree to the policy of using the application. That is why, after deleting an account, the app continues to store some data. Here is the information that will forever remain inside the Snapchat:

  1. Photos, videos and other data that applications received in the process of use. All files that you create using Snapshot remain in it.
  2. Data that you entered during registration. This includes email, contact details, location information.
  3. Data that is received by the application through the data channel. Snapchat stores advertising data, sharing files via the app and some data about your contacts.

According to the usage policy, Snapchat may use your data in cases established by law. For example, an application can share files with business partners or law enforcement agencies. Also, your files are used when setting up ads within the application.

When using Snapchat, do not share secret or valuable information. We recommend that you do not include geology and do not share additional data. Snapchat has an entertaining nature, so you should not use it for communication and information exchange.

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