Extra Torrent died prematurely. What can be used instead of it.

The niche of sharing files is like a constantly changing world. A lot of sites appear and most of them disappear without even being noticed. Only some of them can stay on top. Extra Torrent was one of them.
Since its creation, the Extra Torrent gained huge popularity. It became the second-largest site where people could find the content to download. Extra Torrent was so much popular because of various TV shows and movies as well as other kinds of content. But in May 2017 it was closed without any visible reasons and explanation. Administrators and owners of the site also announced that they don’t have any intentions to renew it and no mirrors will be created also.
Much time has already passed, but those who were fond of Extra Torrent still look for viable alternatives feeling sorry for prematurely died file-sharing platform.

Top 10 alternative sites of Extra Torrent

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG.to
  3. Popcorn time
  4. isoHunt
  5. 1337x
  6. LimeTorrents.cc
  7. TorrentDownloads
  8. Zoogle
  9. EZTV.ag
  10. TorLock

Of course, there are still a lot of other file-sharing systems that can be also mentioned, but these ones presented above are definitely worth of closer look at each of them.

The Pirate Bay

This site remains the leader in the file-sharing world and it is well-known for its wide choice of music files, movies, TV shows, software and other files to share. The platform is 16 years old already and the truth is that most movie studios and musicians will be just happy if it disappears, it is still on the top of the list. Each day brings it more and more admirers from all over the world, moreover that The Pirate Bay can be read in 35 languages and it is located in Seychelles where it is difficult to be reached.


This site boasts that it is perfectly organized. Each and every file of RARBG has a good and proper description that includes screenshots and a brief overview. It makes the site user-friendly and guarantees it millions of followers. Though it is blocked in some countries like Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia and some other, it is possible to reach its content using a VPN.


It is the unique website as really it isn’t a torrent one. You can watch movies directly from a certain torrent and Popcorntime just downloads the torrent file temporally. This system works perfectly even it isn’t so common for us, but in order to enjoy your favorite content, your Internet speed must be high enough.
It works like this: in order to let you enjoy this or that movie without interruption, Popcorntime uses the Protocol of BitTorrent. It allows cutting the whole file into small pieces that will go one by one for continuous streaming. Don’t forget to start VPN using Popcorntime in order to remain out of eyeshot.


isoHunt is another popular storage for various content that is loved by many users. It is also sadly remembered as being the looser in a legal battle with MPAA. The owner of the site paid more than $100 million as a reparation. But isoHunt is like the Phoenix – it rises from the ashes and gains momentum. If you look for an alternative of Extra Torrent, pay a bit of your attention to isoHunt.


Who is the King of style among torrent sites? - 1337x is! Really, nowadays it is the most perfectly done file-sharing site when it comes to the matter of style. But it isn’t the only advantage of the site. All the files present on 1337x are ‘well dressed’ and organized, its content is broad-ranging. The chief domain of the site is 1337x.to, but it also has some alternative domains and among them are: https://x1337x.ws/ and https://1337×1.unblocked.lol/. Like Popcorntime, 1337x used to work with BitTorrent Protocol.


LimeTorrents isn’t the newcomer in this world of sharing the files. It is the website of general usage and it tries to become better and stronger even it isn’t easy at present. Not so long time ago LimeTorrents appeared in a new dress – newer and better homepage was presented. It boasts fresh design, bigger buttons for selected categories and just perfectly done ‘search’ panel.
It is a pity, but the other pages of LimeTorrent still aren’t that well-done, but it means there are new challenges ahead. Moreover, those small disadvantages are more than outweighed by the content of the site.


It is a very popular torrent site, but its popularity played a low-down trick with it. Being loved by many users in the world, it is blocked in a lot of countries. But don’t give up searching the content you need – try TorrentDownloads and you will see that its perfectly organized library will give you the chance to find that long-awaited file.


Zooqle is a young beginner in the world of sharing the files. But its young age doesn’t prevent it from being regarded as a competitor of those old and popular sites. It allows finding more than 3.5 million torrents in its library and more than 1000 of files are added on a day-to-day basis. But such huge popularity from the very beginning doesn’t put Zooqle on airs – the creators of the site provide it with modern design and its functionality grows with every passing day. Right now, Zooqle can be reached in Russian and English languages, but its team promises some new languages will be added in the nearest future.


It is just a simple and easy torrent site. One of the outstanding features is that it has a forum for reporting the problems and discussing them. Lately, the site loses momentum because of privacy and security problems. Pay attention that using EZTV.ag you are to use a VPN – it is a strong recommendation of the site.


Are you looking for recent movies, books or TV shows in high-quality? – Visit TorLock! This site is a perfect combination of various torrent files together with a well-organized user interface.
As a conclusion, it is necessary to admit that plenty of Extra Torrent alternative sites make it easier to overcome its death. Life goes on and we live on.

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