Cable TV. How to make it easy

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


Really, Cable TV was never on top of the list of modern entertainments. The users can’t choose content to their liking, reception is middling, and it is necessary to be paid for – these and other features don’t help it to gain higher positions also. But nevertheless, cable TV still has its fans and if you are the one, here you will find some ways how to watch it for free.

Free entertainment networks where you can watch cable TV

Nowadays the easiest way to watch cable TV without any problems is to use one of those online networks. Usually, they will suggest you subscribe, so further you will have to log in in order to watch TV. But the registration is usually free of charge and this is the benefit. 
Here it is the list of the most popular networks:

  • Yahoo!View
  • Popcornflix
  • YouTube

Now let’s get a closer look at each one.


Yahoo! the view is a kind of network that is ad-supported and streaming. The creation of this network is another try of Yahoo! to get stronger positions in the online streaming race and this time it is really successful. It becomes possible because Yahoo! got a teaming agreement with Hulu and allowed Fox, ABC, and NBC to storage their content. Another advantage of Yahoo! the view is that its own content is as well as content of paid streaming service, but is free of charge. 

Being outside the US you can watch Yahoo! View using Smart DNS proxy or VPN.


Popcornflix is another way to enjoy watching your favorite cable programs for free. Being an online streaming network, Popcornflix can be watched with the help of web applications that are browser-based in low quality. On Samsung, Android, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku it can be watched in higher quality. You are to know that the free content of Popcornflix isn’t as high as the paid content of competitors, but nevertheless, this site is good for watching online free cable TV. Depending on the platform or app you use, a special guide for unlocking Popcornflix should be found.

The real owner of is CBS. This website can’t provide its users with huge and multifarious content. But it is consumer-friendly and has a video community that is attended by many of those who share TV shows and movies knowledge.


TUBI TV is definitely worth attention. Like the others, mentioned above, Tubi TV is a streaming movie website that can be watched for free. Of course, you will be attacked by some ads, but aren’t too long and you really won’t suffer too much. Tubi TV provides its users with 35 categories in which you can find almost anything to your liking and watch your favorite cable TV shows and programs. It works on most popular platforms – iOS, Apple TV, Android, Sony Smart TV, PlayStation and others. 

You can search for a handy guide that will allow you to watch all the content of Tubi TV even if you are anywhere outside the US.


YouTube needs no introduction – it is well-known by anyone in this world. Though it isn’t possible to describe YouTube as a streaming platform, most shows, movies, and other content can be easily found there. It makes the platform the ideal place for sharing content or creating your own one. One of the main disadvantages of the site is that you probably won’t be able to find the most recent movies or shows there. But nevertheless, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide choice of videos YouTube can suggest you.

Some streaming services with a trial period for free

Even not all the streaming services are free of charge, those that should be paid for can be also used for free during the trial period. Agree, one month you enjoy it for free is a good time to decide if you are ready to invest your money in any of those services. Here it is the list of such services:

  • DirectTV Now
  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu Live TV
  • PlayStation Vue

It is one of the paid services from AT&T. It gives you a variety of cable TV programs and shows, but you should pay for watching them. It will cost you about $60 to get unlimited access for the service and if you want to get subscribed to HBO, you are to pay an additional $5.


SLING TV is one of the most popular streaming paid applications. Its main advantage is its low price and 3 variants of payments from $25 up to $50. SLING TV also provides its users with one week of free usage. One of the main disadvantages is that the cheapest plan still contains some ads though they aren’t that long as during the free period.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is provided by the YouTube platform and gives the possibility to watch programs produced by the most known US networks. You will be provided with 7 days free of charge usage in order to decide if you are ready to get full access to the service. YouTube TV works with the help of all the browsers and on Apple TV, Roke, Smart TVs, iOS and Android.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live is still in its beta version, but nevertheless, you should pay $39,99 in order to become the user of stream online live TV platform. You will be provided with the first week for free, but after the paying period will be started. As the other websites mentioned above, it works on the most popular platforms.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is ‘a child’ of Sony Play Station and is a paid television Internet service. The target customer will be given 14 days of usage for free, so he can surf through this cloud-based DVR together with live TV and demanded video.

Is there a way to watch US TV from abroad?

As US television is so popular all over the world, there definitely should be a way how to watch it from abroad. And it doesn’t matter if you are an American citizen somewhere in the world or UK resident who is interested in US news or sports.

Using a VPN service

The most popular VPN service we will talk about is NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Both of them can be used on PCs Android, iOS and Macs and can be installed on several devices at the same time. It is clear that both VPNs go well together with paid and free streaming services. Here there is the instruction on how to use VPN on Windows or Mac OS:

  1. Start with visiting ExpressVPN or NordVPN pages and press the ‘Get’ button to see the plans of payment. Advice: pay your attention to a payment plan for 12 months as it is the best price-quality trade-off.
  2. When it is required, create the account and install the service, open VPN and in the second window choose the United States when it comes to choosing the country for ExpressVPN or choose the United States to pin for NordVPN.
  3. The next step is to close all the browsers and start a VPN by pressing the power button.
  4. Wait for the moment when VPN is connected and open any website you need filling your personal data as always.
  5. ExpressVPN can be also used for secure usage of any website in your own country. Just change the country in a certain field for that.

Using VPN for watching US TV on iOS and Android:

  1. Download and install the application from Google Play or App Store.
  2. When the application is installed, open it and log in accepting any permissions required.
  3. Press the three-dots button and choose the United States as your country while using ExpressVPN or pass it up to choose the US for NordVPN. Wait for the moment when VPN is started and you see the notification in a certain area of your device.
  4. As soon as it is connected, you can surf any US websites or watch American television. 
    In conclusion, it is possible to say that now you don’t need any real cable for watching cable TV. It is up to you to choose a free or paid streaming website, but any content can be found with no trouble.

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