How to watch free sports streaming sites even if you live in a geo-restricted area

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


If you are a sports fan you have to keep track of the most important events, watch international competitions, matches, and tournaments. Your busy schedule may prevent you from visiting some events, but today it’s not a problem. There are free sports streaming websites and so if you are a sports fan, you can keep up to date with your favorite events.

Five of the best sports streaming websites

Live Soccer TV is one of the best sports streaming websites offering a lot of different events, matches, and news, that allow sports fans to stay connected to what is happening in the world of international sport. Rugby, soccer, cricket and other sports are free to watch on Live Soccer TV. You don’t have to sign up to watch live events but the website has geo-restrictions.

Cricfree is another free web streaming website that offers cricket streaming more often. It has stable links that are often updated and its interface is overall intuitively easy to understand. One of the drawbacks of this site is the use of pop up ads that may seem annoying and the use of geo-restrictions. Though this website if for cricket lovers preferably, you can also watch Football, Rugby, Baseball, Golf. website is located in Austria. It is a popular sports streaming website that gives two versions of content in English and German. It is available in any part of the world. In addition to a free version offers some additional services for premium members. Sports fans can watch Table Tennis, Football, Motorsports, Hockey.

Sony Liv is a soccer streaming website. Sony corporation that backs it up allows offering the best quality HD streaming programs. It is free to watch but has premium services as well. You can find relevant information on various sports events here. You can watch Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, MotoGP, and others. This website is a valuable place for sports fans. There are some geo-restrictions, though.

Stream2Watch is a free streaming website popular among US citizens. One of the drawbacks of it is the multitude of annoying pop-up ads. It’s streaming speed, though, is very fast. This website is not for mobile devices. You can watch American football, Hockey, Baseball, Wrestling, etc.

Never miss your favourite sports event again

If you are a passionate sports fan and are interested in watching sports streams in different countries of the world, VPN makes it possible. The speed of the Internet connection won’t suffer and you won’t miss a detail. Choose a country and route your connection through one of its servers and Voila! You can watch any websites of your choice with additional security! Never miss a detail of your favorite match again! It doesn’t matter what sports you are fond of watching: Basketball, Baseball, Boxing or Swimming. VPN will help you to be the viewer of a sporting event of any kind.

Do you want to watch an upcoming big sporting event from the comfort of your home? Today it’s not a problem! VPN software allows streaming your favorite sport online. Don’t bother, it will work with your device and with almost any operating system. All you have to do is to sign up a VPN account, set up the software and choose a country and connect to a server. It’s as easy as ABC!

VPN services help sports fans to bypass blackout restrictions.

Sports broadcasting may have its copyright restrictions. If you cannot watch an international match or a tournament in your country it means that there are no copyright deals with your local broadcaster. Sometimes even in your country, there are local blackouts when translating some sports events. It has been a problem for sports fans before but it is not a problem now when you can install a Virtual Private Network software on your computer or a tablet.

Is it legal to stream sports using a VPN?

While using VPN services is legal in most countries of the world, still it would be better if you don’t boast watching locally blackout sports events on your Instagram or Facebook page. To unblock official sports events using VPN still means breaching the copyright according to the laws of the US and most countries of the European Union. You can even have to pay a fine for it.

VPN services are first of all meant for security issues and to preserve the quality of streaming. But if you still want to watch your favorite sports events that are restricted in your region or country, choose your VPN service wisely. A trusted and reliable VPN company will help you to keep your online activity anonymous and keep you free from trouble. Never worry about streaming the greatest international matches on your device signing up for one of the most credible online VPN services!

Choosing a VPN service for streaming sports correctly

A VPN service routes your Internet traffic through its servers, encrypting it and hiding it from your Provider. On one side, it means anonymity from your provider, on the other side there is a possibility that your VPN will track your online activity and possibly share this information with law enforcement if the necessity arises. That is why if you want to watch sports events anonymously you should be concerned about your privacy in the first place. You should find out if the VPN service use logs.

  • using logs:

Decent VPN services stick to no logs policy. What does that mean? It means that they don’t track either what you browse or your connections data.

  • disclosure of data:

Some trusted VPN companies choose to register in such countries like Panama or Hong Kong because the laws of these countries cannot oblige to disclose user’s information.

  • security:

Choose a service that provides DNS leak protection to ensure your private data is safe.

  • speed:

For streaming sports events you will need a high-speed connection. If the speed of the connection is not so high, buffering can make streaming real torture. Choosing a reliable VPN service, look for such a feature called streaming optimized servers.

You can use such a credible VPN service as VeePN. This VPN service may provide the best experience of watching sports streaming websites.

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