Find out how NSA is spying on you wherever you are

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


In the information world, one of the main problems is confidentiality. Each of us is ready to take extreme measures to protect our data. However, sometimes we don’t even suspect how government organizations spy on us.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, in 2013, the world learned that the NSA was spying on us. Moreover, fear is not only Americans but also people from other continents. Of course, these days it will not surprise anyone, but at that time the methods of collecting information caused a wave of indignation.

In this article, we want to help you figure out how the NSA monitors your every move. Thus, you can be more careful and think about additional protection.

Possible Ways to Collect Your Information

The NSA’s invasion of your life is impossible to see. The system works so neatly that with the naked eye you will not notice extraneous actions. However, thanks to the leak of information, we have compiled for you a list of possible ways of espionage.

Methods of the espionage if you are in America

  • Tracking your phone. Every year, the NSA publishes ever-increasing numbers of the amount of data collected from calls and messages. However, it was previously stated that the organization collected only factual information to maintain overall security. However, Snowden determined that the content of conversations was also recorded using additional programs. It was also found that, with the help of messages, the NSA collects information about your payments and location.
  • Penetration into the device. I will give you a simple example. When you complain to a friend about your old phone, and a little later you see an advertisement for an electronics store, this is no coincidence. The NSA penetrates your device, whether it be a laptop or a smartphone, as soon as possible. When an antivirus alerts you of a threat, the NSA also finds out about it and penetrates your device. Your device will work properly, but they will be able to follow you through the camera or microphone.
  • Malicious programs. About 20 years ago, a special section of the NSA was created, called Tailored Access Operations. This service sends a specific virus to your device, after which it establishes a data transmission channel with it. Even having installed a powerful antivirus, you cannot be sure of protection, since the antivirus itself can be hacked.

Methods of the espionage if you are abroad

  • Five Eyes system. Since the NSA was responsible for international security, it was wise to join the intelligence systems of other countries. Thus, the organization became even more powerful, because the data are transferred between states on mutual terms. And although the state is responsible for maintaining the data of its citizens, this way they are available in many parts of the world.
  • Payment Tracking. When you pay for your purchase, the credit card also transfers the amount and location information to the right hands. According to the government, the NSA initially sought to track terrorism, so it entered into a partnership with Visa and Swift. Therefore, be prepared that every apple purchased will be tracked.
  • Collection of data from other organizations and individuals. If you decide to stop using communication devices and leave for the village, the NSA is still watching you. This happens because every contact with a person under surveillance makes you vulnerable. Even strolling around the city you become the subject of observation of hundreds of cameras that are under control. In other words, every step after your birth is in control.

How NSA can collect all the data at once

  • Social media and means of communication. Most of us cannot live a day without using social networks. We buy more and more on the Internet, and also find people with the same interests. However, it is the Internet that helps to collect almost all the information about you. The most popular servers with which the NSA finds out everything about you are Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Note that these companies have our letters, photos, phone numbers, and also track the address. Moreover, with the help of social networks, you can also find out our preferences in food or style.
  • BackdoorsAnother powerful espionage tool is backdoor creation. Some rumors say that the NSA is hacking phones and numbers before they are purchased. Nobody knows for sure, but global companies can collaborate with the NSA, receiving mutual benefits.
  • XKeyScoreThis program was secret because it violates all privacy. In short, this allows the NSA to manage your device, although it happens unnoticed. If you become the target of this section, you can assume that all information has already been transmitted, because the operation takes place at lightning speed.

How to protect your data

When spying the government is primarily concerned about national security. For example, with the help of a constant flow of data, it can declassify a terrorist act or deliberate riot. It’s especially easy to track your activities online. Therefore, never follow unknown links or use sites that require permission to access. Even if you do not hide from state espionage, you will be able to protect yourself from intruders.

Using the VPN or blocking the data stream, you will block only one data collection channel. We tried to describe that the NSA receives information about everything that happens in the information world, spending millions of dollars on it. However, speaking about threats, we also want to add that there are methods to improve privacy. To help you, we’ve created tips to help you keep your personal information. However, always stay alert and do not neglect safety.

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