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Most of us cannot live even a couple of hours without checking the news or social networks. Indeed, we need to stay up to date, so we want to always have the Internet at hand. Of course, in your city, you know the points at which there is free Wi-Fi, but it’s difficult to connect to the Internet on a trip. You are lucky if you have several gigabytes of mobile Internet, but you cannot use it abroad.

The best option is to connect to free Wi-Fi. However, not every network has a high level of security and high-quality communication, so you risk damaging your data. We have selected for you a list of applications that will help you connect to free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. You will also learn how to protect yourself from scammers and maintain confidentiality.

Ways to get free WiFi

When searching for free Internet access, we usually restrict ourselves to visiting popular cafes or using a mobile access point. However, such methods are not the most effective. Thanks to specially designed applications, you can scan the county and connect to an open network. Also in the world, the service of using the Internet through a satellite connection is being tested.

Matched applications will find a suitable network that does not have reliable protection. You do not need to try to connect to each one yourself, because the program will select the network with the highest quality signal. Let’s see which applications you can use:

Universal applications

Applications that have an atypical concept

Get access to the Internet from satellite

Technology is developing every day, so these days you can join the Internet and even from flying objects. The Quika system offers you to connect to the fast internet via a specially designed satellite. So far, few have seized this opportunity, since devices cannot communicate for a long time. Also, the system is not available in Europe and America. However, you should agree that this method is truly revolutionary, and it is worth hoping that the world will soon be able to recognize its convenience.

Threats while using free Wi-Fi

Of course, free Internet access abroad is not as easy to find as in your hometown. However, with this possibility, hacker attacks have intensified in the world, as attackers grab at every chance to break into your device. Available networks usually do not have strong encryption. Therefore, when paying for purchases or by typing a message, you risk ruining your privacy.

Please note that even a password does not play a role in protecting the network, so any access point can be dangerous. Attackers create their hotspots and name them as popular coffee houses or parks. After connecting to the server, hackers will gain access to every site you visit and will be able to use your pages for their purposes.

Avaricious pays twice. Now there are many free applications for tracking hotspots. Most of them earn on embedded advertising, but some are designed specifically to steal user data. Even if you download a licensed application, poor quality protection can allow fraudsters to invade the data channel.

Tips for avoiding the dangers of using free hotspots

When connecting to a free network, there are some privacy risks. We have prepared a guide for you to protect your data.

Creating a backup personality
Many networks only allow logged-in users. To get access you need to specify email and phone, but sometimes require more narrow data. To earn money, your data will be sold to agencies that will send advertisements to your address. Thus, using a spare address, you can avoid spam and inappropriate content.

Check page security
Before using the site, make sure that the page address begins with https. Also, check for a padlock symbol next to the address bar and a security mark. These elements are responsible for safe use.

Use additional applications
The best solution would be to load the VPN and the accompanying use plan. The program will encrypt the information that you transfer to the server, so the hackers could not steal it. We also recommend installing a reliable antivirus and checking for available updates. The fact is that the developers analyze the system for threats and release add-ons that oppose them.

Do not share confidential information
Using an unverified network, try not to make purchases so that the server does not receive your card or account number. We also recommend switching the phone to manual settings so that you can select a hotspot. The fact is that in automatic mode, the device connects to the strongest signal, but it can be controlled by scammers.

We told you about ways to get free internet so that you do not spend money on expensive tariffs and enjoy traveling. However, be careful when using them so that your data does not fall into the hands of scammers. After all, restoring privacy is always expensive.

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