Set up Kodi on your Roku device – how to make it easy

by Daniel Segun January 15, 2020


In order to make things clear from the very beginning, let’s answer the question of what Roku is. Of course, if you are Roku’s owner, you don’t need the answer, but then.

Roku is a collective term for all the streaming devices that are produced by Roku Corporation. Usually, every device includes several pre-installed applications that allow us to watch movies or to stream. Almost all of those apps are paid, but the high quality they suggest is worth your expenses. This fact is supported by a lot of Roku lovers who are ready to pay for the perfect streaming services it provides.

So, if you are the happy owner of the Roku device and you have an idea to install Kodi on it, it won’t be that easy. The main problem is that it is impossible to do officially as Roku OS (Linux OS in reality) doesn’t accept Kodi and even doesn’t have Kodi in its channel store. Maybe the reason for that is that Kodi gained bad repute because of confidentiality problems. Nevertheless, it is one of the best platforms of streaming and it has much to suggest its users. And because of this streaming geek fund the way how to overcome all obstacles.

In spite of all the difficulties, Kodi is worth installing on Roku and still, there is a way to do it. Just cast it and you will have the possibility to watch your favorite shows and movies. Before you start the process, make sure both your Android and Roku devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Best ways to make the installation possible

Though Kodi isn’t officially allowed to be installed on Roku, nothing is impossible. Those who consider themselves as computer nerds invented the ways to make almost all the dreams come true. So, there are two ways of Kodi installation:

  • With the help of Windows OS on your PC
  • With the help of your Android Smart TV

First way. Using Windows PC

Windows OS is the friendliest OS for Kodi, so it is going to be the easiest one.

  1. Start your PC and enter ‘Start Menu’
  2. Using Windows Search Bar find ‘Device Settings’ and add new device there
  3. Look for Roku in the list and add it as your device for streaming

If everything is done correctly, Roku’s screen will become purple. Don’ panic! It means Kodi is allowed to use and your Roku device comes to terms with it. So, go and watch your favorite shows and movies. It wasn’t that difficult, right?

Second way. Using Android Smart TV

If you own Smart TV on Android OS, there is another way how to set up Kodi. It will be done with the help of mirroring the screen. The installation walkthrough is the following:

  1. Kodi needs to be installed on your TV
  2. Then go to the home screen of Roku 3
  3. Find ‘Settings’ and update your Roku device to the newest version
  4. As soon as the updating is finished, visit ‘Settings’ once again and find ‘Screen Mirroring’ there. Click it.
  5. Allow your Roku to mirror the screen and click ‘OK’.

Using this ‘gizmos’ you can use Kodi on your Roku and enjoy its content on the big screen of your Smart TV. Things are never as bad as they seem.

Kodi Addons you can enjoy on Roku

As you did something that seemed almost impossible from the very beginning, you can reap the fruits of a victory. The installation of Kodi addons will make your experience of free streaming even better! Using respective repositories of the addons, you can install IPTV Bonanza, SkyNet Kodi, etc for TV; BBC iPlayer or Veilside for watching sports and BeatZ or Soundcloud for music.

Using Kodi on different Roku versions

It really doesn’t matter if you have Roku Express or Roku Streaming Stick. Only the Kodi version you will install matters. It depends on the methods you use Kodi – if it is done through your PC, just update your Kodi up to suitable for your Windows OS and the same algorithm works for the usage of Kodi with the help of Android Smart TV.

Stay anonymous. Use VPN

But don’t go crazy for using Kodi on your Roku. Never forget that some countries consider Kodi as illegal and it is a good practice to protect yourself using a VPN, for example, VeePN VPN.

VeePN will provide your IP address with the mask that will hide your identity online. It means that using it you will have secure and unlimited access to all the content suggested by Kodi. How you can make it work:

  • Choosing username and password to your liking, you are to subscribe to VeePN
  • Find VeePN Addon available for Kodi and download it
  • Connection with US Fastest Server will allow you to get in touch with VeePN and to become protected by it.

So, that’s all! Now you can use Kodi and enjoy any content suggested without any fear to be noticed in illegal doings. Really you can use any VPN if you have the one pre-installed already, but VeePN works really well when it comes to Kodi together with Roku.

In addition

It is also possible to use Kodi on Roku with the help of your iPhone. It won’t be that difficult as you are to set up it on iPhone or another Mac device and just mirror the screen. Even it appears that your smartphone doesn’t include the screen-mirroring option, don’t be sad. You can install the additional application and this option will be enabled.

In conclusion, it is possible to add that Roku is a great device as well as Kodi is a perfect streaming option. Even they don’t work together officially, computer geeks invented the ways to get them together. And be sure – they will become good friends and will collaborate together in order to make your life better. Using them both you will get perfect mass media gathering.

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