The idea of using online gaming VPN

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


When playing games, we primarily want to enjoy the graphics without delay. Therefore, when mentioning VPN, many are afraid of an increase in data transfer delays between the user and the server. In some situations, they are right.

However, you probably had to deal with restrictions and blocking associated with the prohibition of playing in your area. Also, a lot of hacker attacks through games have been noticed recently. The fact is that when you interact with the server, your data is open and you are actively transmitting your data, so they are at risk.

Nevertheless, modern VPNs have learned to circumvent the obstacles responsible for the speed of the connection. Since you transmit less data, the speed can even increase, because VPN can cut ping time. Learn more about the benefits of online gaming VPN in the article.

The main reasons to use online gaming VPN

We all remember the times when there was no opportunity to play online. To display the image on the TV screen and immerse yourself in the game, you needed a joystick and another person nearby. However, technology does not stand still, and now we can enjoy the media universe using only the monitor screen. However, there are new problems associated with the constant transfer of data. Due to the heavy load of servers, experienced hackers can infiltrate your device and damage it.

By installing a VPN, you provide yourself with:

Protection and expansion:

  • Protection of personal information. By joining the game, you connect to the server, and it receives information about your device. A few years ago, no one could imagine how easy it was to find out everything about a person on the other side of the wire. However, now every site is requesting information for data processing to provide you with the best performance.
  • Protection against hackers. Attackers constantly monitor the establishment of a channel between you and the server and can use it to infiltrate your computer. Moreover, when tying a credit card, you reveal your identity, and hackers can use it for illegal operations. By setting up a VPN, you secret your data and the address from which you connected, so you can’t be hacked.
  • Expansion of gaming features. You do not need to wait until the game is approved in your country. You have the opportunity to connect to any service, even while traveling. Your connection address will not be available for the service, so you can keep in touch with players from all over the world. VPN also can bypass local blocking without disclosing your data.

Speed and extra features:

  • Reducing the delay time (ping). Since the router information is protected, you only transmit an immediate access signal. Thus, the connection between the device and the server is established much faster. It might seem like data encryption takes more time and space. However, the route is reduced several times, and you immediately go to the server. It follows that ping time will be minimal.
  • Heavy games. When connected to heavy games, the connection time increases. If you are a fan of Dota, you may notice that there may be a delay before the game starts. This is due to the receipt of data on the location of the participants, as well as their processing. Using a VPN, you can change your address to the address of other players to make the connection faster. However, you should not count on a lightning reaction, because free VPNs do not differ in low ping.
  • Own rules. One of the advantages of a VPN is that you can create your server. To do this, you need to register several consoles from different places, and after that tell the server names to the players. After connecting them to this VPN, you can play in one environment. Of course, such a service is not designed for a large number of participants so that ping can be slow. However, while the server is loading, you can meet other people in a chat.

Why it is worth paying for the quality of VPN

Many free VPNs earn on embedded advertising and offer approximately the same services. However, such programs are generally not responsible for the quality of the connection, so sometimes the site may restart, so you should not rely on a smooth game.

If you are fond of gaming and are ready to invest in your hobbies, we recommend that you also pay for a high-quality VPN service.

The benefits of paid services

  • Reliability. When you use a free VPN, you cannot even guess about its protection. Of course, your address is encoded, and the virus cannot get to the computer right away. However, attackers can attack the program that you are using and thus get all your data. On the contrary, when you work with a licensed version of a VPN, you are provided with payment information and contact details for feedback. Knowing this, developers constantly monitor server operations to prevent an attack.
  • The quality and speed of communication. Premium services always have several spare servers to which you will be transferred when a hack is possible. You do not need to wait until the site is repaired to continue playing. Free VPNs sacrifice service speed due to server overload. Since server maintenance is an expensive pleasure, only premium programs can afford to replace them. They constantly monitor the number of users to keep ping low.
  • Go around all kinds of locks. First, if you are a college student and use local Wi-Fi, games such as Dota or Fortnight are not allowed. Free VPNs leave connection information in the router, so the administration is likely to find out about it. Premium VPNs also know how to hide your address from Steam without leaving any traces, so your activity will not cause suspicion. Also, make sure that the server is selected correctly so as not to cause blockages. Quality VPNs are responsible for your safety.

Find out which online gaming VPNs are the best

1. VeePN VPN
This service is universal because it has convenient firmware for each operating system. It has 148 different addresses in 94 countries, so you can connect to any game. VPN has one of the lowest pings, so the speed is ensured. The only problem is the lack of a trial period, so the best option is to buy for a year, and the monthly fee will be less than $ 7. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality, contact support within a month and money will be returned to you.

2. Hotspot Shield
This VPN uses the Catapult Hydra service, so the connection speed of the connection is just instant. Unlike the previous service, this has fewer accessible locations, however, it wins in price and communication speed. When you purchase the right for use for 2 years, you pay only $ 3 per month, and there is also a money-back guarantee for 45 days.

3. VyprVPN
We were very pleased after checking the work of this VPN. It operates almost 2 times faster than the rest of the service. Also note that here you can find more than 200 thousand website addresses, as well as blocking excess traffic. Using it will cost you only $ 36 for the first year, and you can also return the fee within a month.

4. IPVanish
This VPN has servers for 60 countries, and you can choose the fastest with a high-quality connection. The program has its network, so the speed is several times higher than optimal. Again, we advise you to purchase a subscription for a year, using for a month will cost you a little less than $ 5. Having connected, immediately try all the functions, because money can be returned within a week.

5. Buffered VPN
The strength of this service is its low ping. Therefore, if you are afraid that VPN will slow down the connection speed, you should try the Buffered VPN. Since speed is a decisive factor in online gaming, the user plan is more expensive than others. The best option would be to purchase using for 2 years, and then you will pay about $ 4 for 30 days. Also, remember that during this time you can issue a refund.

Subtotal results in choosing the proper VPN

Using VPN for online gaming not only protects you from unprotected traffic but also speeds up the connection time to the server. Thanks to VPN, you are not dependent on the state and local providers, which often restrict access due to censorship or hosting, and can connect to players from all over the world. When choosing a program, pay attention to the ping size (the lower the better) and the guarantee of service. In any case, premium VPNs are worth trying, because they have a license and control the server load. You also get protection against DDoS attacks. Thus, having paid once, for a long period you save yourself from possible lags and penetrations into the device.

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