What is Socks5 Proxy and When to use it

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


Those dealing with torrenting will naturally wonder whether it is legal and safe. You should know that some countries do not have any regulations on torrenting, which means that it is a legal and secure activity.

If you happen to live not in one of those lucky countries, there are still ways to do torrenting. You can use special tools that will make your work on the internet anonymously, secure and legal.

One of the best tools for this purpose is Socks5 Proxy server.

What cab Socks5 proxy do?

A proxy server is a computer that serves as an intermediary between your PC and the Internet. All the calls you make via the Internet pass through it. They are processed by this server and their results are transferred to your PC. 

A proxy server is capable of many things:
– speed up your using the Internet;
– make your using the Internet anonymous;
– allow you using chats even if your IP was blocked;
– access the websites you don’t have access to, and much more.

If you don’t need a high-security level this protocol is perfect for you. You may find different versions of Socks, but this one is believed to be the most flexible one since is it not able to differentiate between the types of traffic.

Socks5 proxy or HTTP proxy?

Experts say that the safest internet protocol is HTTP with its extension HTTPS. In the process of transferring data in the global network, HTTP proxies work in combination with HTTP protocol. The proxy has built-in encryption and is considered excellent for unlocking access in specific locations. However, it does not give the same good results in working with other protocols. 

Socks5 proxy, on the contrary, works excellently with different types of protocols. In addition, for it, there is no difference whether it is traffic from the device or the server. This is what makes SOCKS the best solution for those users who cannot establish a good TCP connection behind the firewall.

Socks5 proxy or VPN?

A lot of people start using VPN these days. How does it work? Virtual Private Network allows you connecting to the internet safely by transferring your data via the VPN server when you send your request to the global cobweb. It adds additional encryption to your connection thus making your use of the internet safer and hides your IP.

VPN is used with all types of connection – private and public.

What does VPN do? It changes the original IP address and provides a secure connection between your PC and the server. If you connect VPN, all the apps on your computer will be using such an encrypted channel.

SOCKS, just like VPN, changes the original IP address and works even faster than VPN. In this case not all but only selected apps will be using this channel. 

However, if you are going to download torrents, VPN will be a better option because the connection will be fully encrypted.

Advantages of Socks5

This proxy has a list of advantages:
– Socks5 is a perfect option to deal with torrents because it makes your connection absolutely anonymous/ it also shows excellent performance and has P2P.
– It works faster than VPN because of the absence of encryption
– It is configurable with most programs
– It provides torrent protection which means that no downloads will be disturbed
– Socks5 will bypass any IP restrictions
– It works with both TCP and UDP protocols

Disadvantages of Socks5

The mains disadvantage of the proxy is the lack of encryption. Those who are concerned about their privacy on the internet will definitely not use Socks5.

When can you use Socks5

When you have an idea about what Socks5 is and how it works, let’s see when it is appropriate to use it:
– If you need to bypass IP restrictions and geo-blocked websites fast by changing your IP address. However, you should remember that Socks5 does not encrypt your data
– If you download torrents this is a perfect proxy for you. However, you should consider also using a VPN with P2P servers, making your connection safer.

Ways to test performance of Socks5

If you need to test your Socks5 performance you can use our service ibVPN. We have been working hard to provide top quality service and gain our reputation among clients.

We were able to develop VPN applications that work smooth and fast with various OSs. If you are searching for a reliable provider you can use our VPN, Proxy or SmartDNS options. 

Our Socks5 feature has been helping users download their torrents without problems and safely. Those, who need help, we have prepared relevant tutorials.

There are a free trial option and Premium package for those who want to use all the benefits of safe and fast connection. 

In addition, with Socks5 Proxy you will be able to unblock any content on the Internet. For example, you can use it Firefox – easy download and installation, few clicks and you are already using a reliable connection.


If you are looking for fast and easy ways to unblock any content on the Internet, Socks5 is just right for you. It is easy to install and use.

But if you are concerned about your online privacy, you should pay attention to other proxies that are able to encrypt your connection.

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