10 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Films Online in 2020

by Daniel Segun February 14, 2020


10 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Films Online in 2020

Bollywood brings hundreds of new movies every year. There are always numerous interesting films and TV shows the real fans can enjoy. Still, if you need to pay for every movie, it gets a little annoying. Thus, it is logical that many people seek for websites where they can watch favorite Hindi films for free.

Still, visiting websites that stream for free can be risky for many reasons. Your computer can face a bunch of malware files once you use unauthorized streams or torrents. This malware can be installed on your personal computer or other devices causing serious problems. It also can bring unpleasant legal consequences. In India, it is also easy to get many films geoblocked, which brings more trouble watching Hindi movies from other countries and regions.

Fortunately, you can use a trustworthy virtual private network (VPN) to solve all your problems at once. In fact, we do not tolerate piracy, thus we advise you to check the copyright status of the watched films. We are going to check the list of the best of legit websites which you can be accessed with the help of a VPN. Therefore, you will get a chance to watch your favorite Bollywood movies completely for free.

How to Use VPN to Watch Hindi Films?

You can easily get access to the movies that are blocked in your country. The films unavailable in your region can be watched on any device without problems. Moreover, the advanced VPN tools protect your personal data from sharing with third parties. You need to choose the best VPN and download it on your device (computer, phone, or another tablet). We recommend VeePNYou need to launch the VPN and select the exact server where the requested streaming website is located. Further, you must visit the streaming site, choose the movie you like to watch and start streaming it. This is a stress-free method and completely safe!

Why Use VPN to Stream Hindi Films?

There can be various websites geographically restricted according to certain licensing issues. Thus, you cannot watch the wanted films if you are not in the right region. A VPN allows you to assure a safe and fast connection to the needed website. Moreover, it allows you connecting the needed servers all over the world. Your IP will be changed due to the chosen region. If you need to watch Hindi movies, it is easy to connect servers in India and get an Indian IP. It allows you to watch any film you like.

VPN assures a secure Internet connection; thus, your private data remains safe and secure. If you want to keep your personal data safe while watching Hindi films, VPN is the best option for you. The various websites we recommend can contain pop-ups and ads that may contain unwanted viruses or malware. The advanced VPNs have a huge system of anti-malware, different ad blockers, and other security tools. This allows your device remains safe.

Most of the websites prefer tracking the user’s activity. Thus, they collect the data about the movies watched, and share it with the third parties. You can enable the tracking with VPN and hide your IP address as well. VPN assures data protection through encrypted protocols; thus, your sensitive data is always protected.

At the same time, not all VPNs assure the mentioned advantages. If you want to use the advanced VPN, make sure it offers the next features:

  • Stable and fast connection;
  • Secure encryption and certificates;
  • An improved zero-logs policy;
  • The kill switch to protect your data;
  • Professional live customer support.

Top Free Streaming Websites for Hindi Films

If you need to figure out what websites are the best for the free streaming of Hindi films, check the following list of the top streaming sites. You can find here the top 10 of the best websites to access with a top-rated VPN. These websites offer decent collections of Hindi movies, TV shows, and other interesting content.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar  logo

If you need to watch a bunch of interesting Bollywood films, you should check the website with a decent collection of movies. Hotstar is the exact streaming site where you can access a huge set of movies even without a need to sign-in.

The website has a user-friendly menu and convenient list of categories; thus, you can easily navigate the site and search for favorite movies, TV shows, and other videos. The site offers a really decent selection of movies, including romance, drama, comedy, action movies, etc. You can find here numerous Hindi films and TV shows. You can also stream sports if you are a sports fan. There are many ads, but you can always buy a Hotstar Premium to block unwanted advertisements.

2. Voot

Voot logo

This website is one of the top streaming platforms where you can enjoy Bollywood movies. In fact, the site offers a wide selection of attention-grabbing films. Moreover, you can check various language options. There is no need to watch ads here or sign-up for watching content. The site has a user-friendly interface and simple menu. You can easily search for the wanted videos, TV shows, various films, news, and other interesting content. You can also find a lot of interesting videos for kids. Voot can be accessed at various devices. Thus, if you use iOS or Android apps, it will be very convenient watching the movies online. Besides, the site provides high-quality video content and you always get a good streaming speed. You also need to connect through a VPN to get an Indian IP to visit Voot. This website is blocked outside of India.

3. Zee5

Zee5 logo

Zee5 is an advanced website that offers a huge collection of interesting Hindi films. You can find movies of any genre. You can easily browse the catalog to find the best movies ever. It is easy to select new and old Hindi films. It is also possible for watching films in various languages. The streaming speed is really decent and the quality of the video content is good. Zee5 is available from any country in the world, thus there is no need to change your IP.

4. SonyLiv

SonyLiv logo

SonyLiv allows access to a bunch of Hindi movies and a huge collection of premium videos. You can check exciting and highly entertaining video content. There is no need to sign up to reach the available videos. You can watch TV shows, films, and other videos for free. Still, you may need to watch some ads. There are many cheap subscription plans that allow you getting the best content. You need to install an advanced VPN to access the website.

5. YouTube

YouTube logo

This is one of the most effective ways to watch Hindi movies easily. There are many movies you can find on plenty of modern YouTube channels. You can watch them for free. Still, make sure to check the copyright status before accessing the content. There are few official channels that stream Hindi movies, including Shemaroo Movies and Rajshiri.

6.  Hungama Movies

Hungama Movies logo

The website offers fast streaming and high video quality. This is the top site for those who adore Hindi movies. In addition, you can check the amusing collection of over 3.5 million Hindi songs. You can find a lot of other videos on the website for free. You can pay for a subscription once earning special coins for different activities like registering on the websites, listening to various music, taking part if different surveys, etc.

7. Bigflix

Bigflix logo

Bigflix provides a limited set of Hindi movies. You can use the full collection of movies within a 30-day free trial. You can get a premium subscription to pay for definite movies you like. You can watch different pictures and TV shows in various regional languages as well.

8. YuppFlix

YuppFlix logo

YuppFlix offers a wide collection of Hindi films. You can access thousands of interesting motion pictures to watch in various regional languages. The website supports various devices, including iOS, Android, etc.

9. ErosNow

ErosNow logo

This is an advanced streaming service for people who like Hindi movies. You can find various Bollywood films and stream your favorite TV shows. The service provides decent quality of the streaming videos. You can use a 14-day free trial to watch movies at Premium quality.

10. BoxTV

BoxTV logo

BoxTV has a huge collection of Hindi films. It covers Tollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood films streamed for free. You can watch a bunch of videos in different regional languages. There are also some low-budget movies on the website. It contains various ads due to its free contact sharing policy.

Top 3 VPNs to Use When Watching Hindi Films

You can easily watch your favorite Hindi movies in high quality. The streaming website offers a wide collection of movies, interesting TV shows, and other intriguing videos. Still, you need to use the advanced VPN tools to stream safely and assure a good speed and steady connection. The modern VPN assures a fast and secure connection. Here is the list of the top 3 VPN you can use to access the top websites with Hindi movies.

1. VeePN

Veepn VPN service

VeePN is an advanced modern tool that assures a safe and secure Internet connection. Once using the VeePN tool, you can access any website you like without being afraid of your personal data stealing. You can easily stream Hindi movies and be sure your connection will be steady and private information safe.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN VPN service

This tool allows streaming Hindi Movies and assures the improved security of your data. It covers a wide set of servers in numerous countries, including India. The VPN protects your data with advanced encryption and does not allow your data to be shared with third parties.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN service

CyberGhost is one of the newest VPNs. This tool allows the streaming of high-quality Hindi movies while assuring the safety of your personal data and information.

With modern advanced VPN tools and services, you can always be sure of keeping your sensitive information safe. The advanced VPNs allow accessing various websites that offer high-quality content, an impressive collection of Hindi films, and a steady Internet connection. Moreover, you always keep your private data safe and secure. This is the most effective and safest way to watch Hindi movies online!

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