Top 5 Torrentz Alternatives To Watch Out For

by Daniel Segun February 5, 2020


So, Torrentz has stopped its work. Even though this service worked absolutely safe for users. Instead of directly posting torrents, it linked peers to other websites. However, even the most reliable services may sooner or later get on the radar. But we do not despair and offer you 5 worthy alternatives that you will definitely love!

Farewell to Torrentz

Millions of users around the world have called Torrentz their favorite service. But now they have to look for alternatives on Google. And this is not an easy task. Want to know why this situation happened? Torrentz owners had to be extremely careful. But they were not! And now you need to take care of your safety yourself. Always use a good VPN like Veepn This will help you use the Internet really securely and hide your personal data from the provider.

Now that you know how to protect yourself, we suggest returning to our topic. So, below you will find 5 suitable websites that will 100% replace you Torrentz.

  1. RARBG
RARBG interface

RARBG is the first website on our list. And it is definitely very cool! If “hi-def” is about you, you are guaranteed to be able to download the necessary torrents here. The website has already gained popularity in different countries of the world, which makes it insanely in demand. Here is an incredibly diverse library of torrents. Do you want a movie? Hold on! Need a TV show? You are welcome! Software, games … everything that a modern Internet user may need. You will forget about Torrentz forever pretty soon. Why is it needed at all? After all, there is RARBG!

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay interface

Another popular torrent website that has earned a spot on our list has the intriguing name The Pirate Bay. If you are familiar with such services, you probably know that this website has been tried several times to close. But it is obvious that nobody succeeds. The guys are doing their job well. You can enjoy a huge selection of streams: watch any movies and TV shows, download games or books. Users do not even have time to leave good reviews about The Pirate Bay, because they are just busy downloading!

3. ISOHunt

ISOHunt interface

Can you turn on your imagination for a few minutes? If you imagine that all torrent services are not websites but people, who do you think ISOHunt would be? Of course! This is the oldest dude from this whole crowd. The concept of torrents was just beginning to emerge and ISOHunt was already there. It is not surprising that this is where one of the most reputable libraries is located. Any user will appreciate its contents. The company manages to stay afloat, even being under the DMCA sighting radar.

But even after the closure of Torrentz and other similar torrent websites, ISOHunt pleases users from all over the world with quality, affordable, and most importantly absolutely free content.

4. 1337xTorrents

1337xTorrents Logo

Honestly, many users have not heard of the 1337x. So far, this website cannot boast of great popularity. But it is growing rapidly, especially after problems started among various torrent services. The 1337x content base is constantly updated with the latest innovations: films, television shows, music, documentary videos. Count it, there is everything you need and more! The huge potential of this website can also be predicted by its cool user interface. You don’t have to spend 10 minutes to find how to download a cool movie. Enjoy it!

5. Kickasstorrents.To

Kickasstorrents.To Logo

Dude, you probably remember the popular KickAssTorrent website. Seeing this name on our list, you can shed a tear. But you do not revel in false hopes, this is not the same giant in the world of torrents. This is just a clone of your favorite CAT. And this is wonderful! The entire content library is fully preserved, all your favorite movies and tracks are collected right here. It is not surprising that the new Kickasstorrents.To received a huge amount of Internet traffic in record time.

Why Do You Need VPN Software

Frankly, your government probably doesn’t support torrents. Otherwise, why the coolest services get on the radar and close their business? And this is why you need a VPN. You can watch and download any video without worrying about your safety. Torrentz really doesn’t work anymore, but there are plenty of decent alternatives. And you can enjoy them if you think about yourself and install Veepn

This software will help you forget about geoblocks. You’ll no longer see an ad with the text “This video is not available for viewing in your country.” Just select the desired country in your application and now you are not in the USA but in Canada or Brazil. Traveling has never been so fast, right? Actually, we offer you enjoy high-quality content from any point in the world. The best videos, audio tracks, documentaries, software are now available because of torrent services and good VPN. You have no need to miss Torrentz! 

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