How you can use VPN for travelling

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


As you probably know, people mostly use VPN for reasons of Internet security and privacy, to keep their online transactions and communications safe and private. These are obvious reasons to use a VPN, but there are also not so obvious ones. For example, do you know how you can use VPN while traveling?

Using a VPN server allows to bypass geo-restrictions of content providers

We live in a time of informational technologies and digital content. There are new laws that protect copyrighted materials distributed over the Internet. Still, nowadays the problem of licensing and copyright is acute. Not all regional content providers can buy licenses that is why some large streamer websites restrict showing some films or live events from in certain regions or countries. For example, if you are originally from the USA and you travel to the UK, you will not be able to watch your favorite Netflix show without a VPN service. Virtual Private Network helps to fake your location and change IP, channeling your traffic securely and privately.

Getting better prices for tickets and hotels

Sometimes you can buy tickets at better prices and get cheaper hotel reservations if you change your location with the help of a VPN. If you are going to order tickets or make a hotel reservation through the internet, make sure you call your bank first and warn them that you’ve changed your location and everything is ok with your card, it’s not stolen.

Using wifi at a hotel safely. Set up a secure remote connection.

We know that using wifi at hotels is not always secure and private especially if you need to conduct business or private transactions that need confidentiality and safe connection. Use a VPN and be sure no one will get access to your private data or steal your information.

In case you need to set up remote access to your computer and get important files, using a VPN service will be the right thing. Additional security is provided by a trusted VNP service when you get access to your home computer from any location in the world and any of your devices.

How to connect to Skype or other messengers using VPN

There are countries with strict censorship over the Internet activities of its citizens and you can’t access messengers there, for example, Skype, there (for example, North Korea, Kuwait, Syria). So if you stay in one of these countries, and you can’t use your messenger there, use a VPN service and you will be able to contact your friends and relatives via Skype or any other messenger.

Unblock Facebook easily

Facebook may be prohibited in some countries (for example, China, Bangladesh, Iran) If that is the case and you are in one of such countries, use a secure VPN to connect with your contacts, publish your news or photos. Using a VPN allows you to use this social network without restrictions and bypass any geo-blocks, besides it adds your security to messaging friends.

How you can unblock Instagram while travelling

In several countries (Vietnam, for example) authorities prohibit photo-sharing services such as Instagram and alike. When you travel abroad you get a lot of impressions and want to share them in photos with your subscribers. It is disappointing when you can’t do that because of restrictions. Using a VPN can help you to solve this problem and you will be able to share your photos and post them on Instagram and other services.

Using a VPN you can unblock Youtube

Do you know that some countries block video hosting site Youtube? Yes, that’s true! More than a dozen countries such as Brazil, Germany, Turkey, China, etc. banned Youtube for a specific reason: offensive content or videos causing political scandals. Of course, there is a lot of useful information on Youtube. You can have your video blog or channel and even make money there. So, what if you travel abroad and you are staying in the country, where Youtube is prohibited? You can use a VPN and it will unblock the video hosting.

You can trade cryptocurrencies

When you trade Bitcoins, for example, It is important to keep all your transactions secure and your online activity safe. Your VPN should have a quick and stable connection and have a policy of zero logs, so as not to give your data to law enforcement bodies. Higher security prevents hackers from intercepting your important data and from stealing money from your wallet. A good connection is necessary to conduct transactions while you trade.

Travelling abroad you can watch streaming websites using a VPN

Watching Netflix from another country may become a headache for you. You have access only to the local library of digital content and there may be no films or shows you like to watch. To watch Netflix using a VPN is an appropriate solution, but even not all the best VPN can connect to Netflix due to its new algorithms. Anyway, it’s possible to subscribe to one of the best VPN and to watch your favorite movies on Netflix staying in any country in the world. If you are a sports fan, you can watch sport on streaming websites using VPNs as well.

How to choose a good VPN service

The choice of your VPN service depends on the purpose of its use. If you need to watch sports streaming websites, for example, you will have to choose a service with a stable high-speed connection and no buffering. If your purpose is to trade cryptocurrency, you will have to pay attention to zero logs policy and privacy, the speed, and reliability of the service are important. If you are going to watch Netflix, you will have to choose one of the best VPNs that will enable you to stream your favorite films and programs. 
Some of the best VPNs for today are that we can recommend for traveling are ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, and others.

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