Can you watch Netflix from any country in the world?

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


So you like to watch Netflix shows and you are a subscriber of this streaming website. Lots of films and programs are available for most sophisticated viewers all over the world. But is it a myth that you can watch any programs on Netflix from any part of the globe? Unfortunately, on the Internet, there are some geo-restrictions due to copyrighted content and licensing. That’s why your favorite content that you watch on Netflix from the comfort of your home may not be accessible in other countries.

Netflix is a well-known US-based streaming platform and if you try to watch it from another country, you will be redirected to your regional content library. Copyright regulations and buying licenses exist for streaming content as well, so when you try to watch Netflix USA from a different region, you will be redirected to your local content. It happens because any website you visit can determine the region you are from by your IP.

Copyrighted content on streaming websites

Though we live in a modern world and everything is globally connected still there is copyrighted content and local providers have to pay huge sums for the right to show some programs in their region. That may seem unjust, especially when you are traveling abroad and cannot watch your favorite show you used to watch. Geo-restriction is strictly adhered to in North America and Australia. In most other regions of the world, there is no definite legislative base concerning restricted content yet. To be exact, only the EU has taken definite legislative measures against geo-blocking. The EU providers of paid online content should provide a sort of ‘roaming’ allowing users in different countries of the EU to watch the same programs.

How to watch Netflix USA if you live in another country

Sometimes you would like to watch shows or movies that stream Netflix USA only because there are more films and shows in its library than in the library of any other country due to licensing rights and copyrighting restrictions. So, to watch everything you have to be in the US. 

To watch Netflix USA if you are elsewhere you will have to:

  • have a Netflix account;
  • use a VPN service.

Using VPN services for watching Netflix may be quite a challenge sometimes, though. The company uses special algorithms to detect a VPN and block its connection. Some VPN services cannot bypass geo-restrictions by Netflix, yet the best services can. Bear in mind that the algorithms of Netflix are always getting improved and we can’t guarantee that the VPN service that works today won’t be blocked tomorrow.

How a VPN can help you to watch Netflix

So you want to get access to your favorite show on Netflix but it is restricted in your area. Using one of the best online services you will manage to do it. It’s as easy as ABC. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Choose one of the best VPN services.

What is the purpose of a VPN? It hides your IP tunneling your traffic through their server. Your real location is hidden. The traffic is encrypted, so your online activity is secure and encrypted.

When you choose a VPN server, you should pay attention to the speed of the connection. It is important because you don’t want to miss any details or interruptions with buffering. The connection should be stable to provide the best streaming experience. Pay attention to the quality of client support.
But of course, the main feature that interests us in a VPN is the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. 

We recommend you such VPN services as NordVNP, ExpressVPN, Surfshark VPN. These are fast and reliable services to watch Netflix from any part of the world.

2. Install the software on your device.

So, you chose a VPN service. Register on their website and choose a suitable subscription plan. You can use a free trial or a paid one. Enter your payment details, if there is a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

After that, you should install the VPN software on your device. Pay attention to the system requirements of the program. You can install it quick and easy just in several simple steps. In case something went wrong during the installation process you should contact support.

3. Choose a server in any country you need and watch your favorite movie.

Open the program and study its interface. There you will find several server locations in different countries and there even can be a list of cities to choose from. Now if you want to watch Netflix USA you will have to choose one of the US servers. 

Using this program you can change your location, country or even your city to be able to watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix. But pay attention to the fact that not all VPN services can bypass geo-blocks so choose the one that can do that.

Why not choose a proxy? What is geo-spoofing?

Hiding your real location by changing your IP address is called geo-spoofing. It’s possible when you use either a proxy or a VPN. There are major differences between using a proxy and a VPN, though. If you need a safe and private encrypted connection, you will have to choose a VPN. Your traffic will be channeled through a safe tunnel, encrypted and secure. If you need to keep your online activity anonymous you should choose VPN. As fas as watching streaming websites, such as Netflix, you will have to use a paid high-quality service, that will reliably hide your IP and geo-location.

Now even if you travel abroad or you live in a geo-restricted country or region, you will never miss a part of your favorite tv show or a live event on Netflix if you choose one of the best VPN.

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