Watching 123movies: is it Legal and Safe in 2020?

by Daniel Segun January 29, 2020


We all love to watch a good movie now and then. Preferably for free. Preferably right when you want to watch it, not when it is screened in movie theaters or on subscription streaming services. So, yes, for us all, the movie lovers, free online streaming services are a godsend. There, you can pick a movie you want and watch it immediately, on your couch with a loved one or with friends. 

123movies is one of the most popular services that let you enjoy favorite films. It features a very rich movie library that includes both golden classics and oven-hot blockbusters. It is visited and used by millions of people around the world, and it disturbs license holders. For some films, the license has expired or they have been made the property of commons; for others, the license is still valid and its owners what royalties or other fees for watching the movie. The latter fact makes 123movies an illegal or semi-illegal site under some jurisdictions, so it is mercilessly blocked in some areas of the globe. 

This geo-restriction (the gloomy text line on the blank page telling you that you cannot access the site because it is not available in your geographical location) led to the fact that 123movies rebranded in 2017 to a new name of GoMovies. Yet later, the site returned to its original name in 2018. The popularity of 123movies is the reason that a whole crop of clone sites with both domain names appeared, luring visitors by promises of few movies in high quality. 

Unfortunately, these clones usually deliver not movies but viruses and malware or are fishing sites as such, so accessing them without protection is risky for your computer. 

This is why when you think of watching a movie online on 123movies (which is a good idea) you should first think of using a reliable anonymizer that has in-built antivirus (which is the awesome idea). Such anonymizers are called VPN. They hide your geolocation and IP from tracking software through secure encryption, block the ads and malware and in general make your experience more private and safer, without supervision and unnecessary inquiries of providers and thirds parties. 

How To Start Watching Movies On 123movies

  1. Pick a reliable and strong VPN with secure encryption and unlimited bandwidth. For movie services, you need a VPN that offers rerouting through servers across the globe, so you can pick a destination that does not apply any limitations on viewing.

  2.  Install the VPN on your device, be it a laptop, a tablet or a desktop. If you need to escape the geo-restrictions, pick in the list a country different from your own. After two or three choice attempts you will hit the right destination (so do not get disappointed if your first attempt will be futile). 

  3. Now go to 123movies, see it work nicely, pick the movie and enjoy it safely.

Legal Issues of 123movies 

This is an interesting question because there is no single definite answer to it. It all depends on the country in which this question is asked. In some countries, laws prohibit streaming movies without a license or paying a fee to a copyright holder. But in reality, law enforcement closes their eyes to it, so this site can be used freely. 

In other countries, a website is held responsible for breaching copyright title, intellectual property rights, etc., but its users are not considered involved in anything illegal. In some, the most extreme cases, if a user downloads (or uploads) unlicensed content, he or she may be held liable for stealing intellectual property – and this is why you often see on YouTube disclaimers of the kind ‘I do not own the video, I just post it for common use, all rights belong to authors of the video’. 

Yet, usually, no one bothers with running after someone who has downloaded a movie from a semi-legal site. The worst thing that can happen is that the video will be removed, so your efforts of uploading it will be futile. 

So, as a user, you enjoy reasonable safety in any case. However, for any rule there are exceptions, so you want to be as safe and protected as possible while watching ‘Avengers’ or ‘Batman’ on 123movies. This is where the VPN comes in as an ultimate solution. 

VPN disguises you as someone else, by rerouting the traffic through services located on different continents, changing your IP and so keeping your browsing history clean and safe. It hides your online identity, so no third party or internet provider will be able to learn whether you used some streaming service like 123movies. With VPN you overcome geo-restrictions without even noticing the inconvenience, and your evening turns into a cool movie night. 

Are There Any Viruses Or Malware On 123movies? 

123movies service makes efforts to keep the site free of viruses, but you may encounter a lot of clones of 123movies that look the same as the real site but swarm in malware and spy programs. You may think that you pick a movie, but in reality, you will click on a suspicion link that will launch malware on your computer without you knowing it. Yes, it is that bad, so please, be sure to have an antivirus on when you browse. It is good news that some VPNs have an inbuilt antivirus, so if your firewall fails, the VPN will step into its shoes and keep your computer protected. To check if your selected VPN has this additional option. 

VPN As A Safe Way To Enjoy 123movies Site 

This helpful tool lets you be in full control of your privacy while you browse the web and stand in the way of malware that you may encounter. Good and reputable VPNs negate all threats, so neither hackers nor nosy providers can breach your security shield or get the data they did not have the right to access, in the first place. 

So, if you seek protection against fishing, malicious clones, sites that host malware and so on, have your VPN installed and running before you go online. Below find your personal selection of good VPNs to use. 

Top 5 List Of VPNs To Watch 123movies Safely 


VeePN VPN devices

The main advantage of this great VPN is unlimited bandwidth that enables smooth streaming even of the HD and BD quality movies. features 256-bit encryption, which guarantees strong protection against cyber-threats, and is fully compatible with all popular operational systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android. If you skim reviews on, you will see that users are mostly happy with the product and capacities it offers for watching movies on 123movies. This VPN goes also with a 30-day moneyback option, so try it to see if it fully suits you. 

2. NordVPN

NordVPN devices

The key advantage of this popular VPN is its encryption of military level (which means practically impenetrable shield against security threats). So, it is a great choice for watching films online since even after visiting clones of 123movies you will not end up with your device full of spy apps or other malware. This VPN has more than 5000 servers around the globe in various destinations, allows connecting to the streaming source from 6 devices simultaneously, and offers its signature antivirus CyberSec. It goes with the offer of 30-days money back, which means you can try it, and if dissatisfied, you can get your payment back during the mentioned period. Reviews of NordVPN are also very positive. 

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost devices

The signature feature of this VPN is a total no-logs policy, which means there are no records that can be tracked or read to find out about your browsing goals. So, if you visit 123movies or its clones, you can be sure no one will learn about it. Its 5,700 servers are scattered in different countries, so you may pick any destination to mask your online presence. This VPN allows the connection of 7 devices simultaneously. The package also includes the ad-blocking tool.

The money-back period is 45 days, which is half a month longer than other VPNs offer. Read the reviews on CyberGhost and give it a try with super-long trial time. 

4. Surfshark 

Surfshark devices

This VPN offers unlimited connection, which means you can use it on as many devices as you want. This is the feature with which Surfshark outruns other VPNs in this review. Its antivirus solution is CleanWeb that safeguards you against online threats including malware, ads and spy files you can pick up inadvertently while browsing. With MultiHop technology, traffic rerouting goes through several separate servers simultaneously, which ensures a high level and strength of protection. 

The grace period is 30 days of the money-back guarantee, the standard option. So read on the reviews (which are mostly positive), and try this great VPN for movie watching on 123movies. 

5. IPVanish

IPVanish devices

This VPN balances some great advantages and disadvantages compared to other VPNs. Its grace period is only 7 days of the money-back guarantee, so you have much less time to decide. On the other hand, this VPN offers unlimited bandwidth, switching between masking servers without any limits and logs recording ‘zero traffic’ on your part. An additional benefit is efficient support available 24/7. So, when you are setting up the freshly purchased program package or connect a new device, you can always rely on their assistance. Look through positive review users give in relation to this VPN and try it for yourself. 


With all mentioned in mind, we strongly recommend you to make use of any of the described VPNs to secure your computer or device against Internet threats. When you visit 123movies or its alter ego GoMovies, you can easily fall victim to its cloned fishing sites or viruses, or overly concerned providers. By using a good VPN (and all VPNs we recommend are good), you avoid geo-restrictions, ads, malicious pop-ups, hidden viruses and the rest of the troubles that can await you on the web. Enjoy a good movie safely and with high speed, and offered VPNs will bring you this opportunity. 

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