What exactly a bandwidth is?

by Daniel Segun January 15, 2020


Bandwidth is an indicator of the amount of data that you can download/upload to your PC during a certain period. Units to measure this amount are bits per second or shortly bps.

Bandwidth depends on the device you use and router, internet provider, etc. However, you should know that the bandwidth, even if said to be rather large, may not be exactly like that if you have several devices connected at the same time. 

You can compare a bandwidth with a highway. Driving is fun and fasts while the road is relatively empty. When the number of cars increases you get into a traffic jam. Same like multiple lines solve the traffic problem on the highway, multiple bandwidths may solve the problem with your internet speed.

How to test your bandwidth

To test your bandwidth you can do a test speed. Once it is done, compare the results to what your internet provider tells you. If you have no downloads in progress and you have only one device connected to your internet, your results should be quite close to your internet provider’s figures. 
However, if you an active downloader, streamer and whatever, or you have many devices connected, you will probably need more bandwidth for a good speed.

How to get more bandwidth

Here is what you can do to get more bandwidth:

  1. Upgrade your internet package to the level which provides several bandwidths
  2. Change internet provider if the one you are using now does not meet all your needs
  3. Limit the number of gadgets you connect to the same internet source
  4. Use landline connection instead of Wi-Fi

How to fix your internet speed

If all the parameters are fine but the internet is still slow, you should check:

  • PC. If you are using an old model of computer it will not be able to deal with the stream of data you want to download/upload
  • Router. It may be simply tired or hot. Reboot it and it gives it some time to breathe. Make sure your router is placed somewhere with no obstructions
  • Internet provider. Some internet providers may restrict the load on the system during peak hours and close access to certain data. If this is your case, your option is to use VPN which will let you do what you want to do on the internet anonymously. 
  • Wi-Fi of your neighbors. Normally, wireless internet equipment may communicate and overlap each other’s channels. An option can be using a different channel. Or even getting a device that supports dual channeling.

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