Find out the most popular ways the CIA can hack you

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


A few years ago, the world first learned that the NSA collects all the information about each person. Then it shocked many because people were sure that each device was reliably protected. Gradually, this news began to be perceived as a fact.

However, time does not stand still, and recently WikiLeaks released information on espionage by the CIA. The organization backed up the data with much evidence that explains hacker attacks. Thanks to the leak of information, we learned what loopholes the CIA uses to get into your device.

A non-profit organization with extensive experience, WikiLeaks publishes classified materials using anonymous sources. After analyzing the evidence, CBS News published the assumption that all the materials found were truly true. Based on the documents found, it can be stated that the CIA controls every operating system and social network, regardless of its protection.

In our article, we will describe how you allow the CIA to spy on you. This usually happens when performing everyday tasks related to technology or electronics. Thus, each purchased device reveals your privacy more and more.

Frequently-used methods of hacking you

To penetrate the device, the CIA uses the operating system, because it always has vulnerabilities in it. Edward Snowden, who had previously discovered to the world how NSA is spying on each of us, said that using the operating system is much more dangerous than spying through messengers or social networks.

Some experts suggest that exposing US espionage may adversely affect its relationship with corporations. The fact is that after studying the documents, more and more people doubt the protection of their device, even using the latest firmware. There are concerns that users are less likely to trust products developed in America.

Penetration into the smartphone system

I agree that now a smartphone is the most important tool in everyday life. Manufacturers are trying to equip devices with all the necessary applications to simplify our lives. However, this also plays into the hands of the CIA, because each application transfers your data to it. Please note that none of the companies deserves more trust, be it Apple, Samsung or LG.

Disputes over possible CIA hacks began a couple of years ago when Apple denied US officials one in access to blocked iPhone of the suspect in San Bernardino. However, the FBI soon found a new way to penetrate the device, bypassing the lock. Thus, to penetrate the telephone, the CIA uses its key, which is suitable for all devices.

This is not possible to notice since the state of the processor or battery does not change. However, Apple and Samsung say they are constantly testing new ways to protect user privacy, and therefore recommend updating the system regularly. We can assume that now in the world there is a confrontation between programmers from the CIA and giant corporations.

Espionage using your TV

When buying a TV, we provide ourselves with the opportunity to observe the lives of other people. However, it turned out that we were the subject of observation. In published documents, the Weeping Angel program was designated, which uses the TV as an object for transmitting sound, even if it is turned off. And although you specifically can not cause interest, politicians and government officials also have a TV at home.

Also, note that you cannot protect yourself by getting rid of the device. When you come to visit friends or spend the night in a hotel, you again become the subject of listening. According to WikiLeaks, the CIA monitors every vulnerability in the system so that if it fails again, it can be used for access.

How CIA get all data via your laptop

Many were struck by the fact that the CIA uses loopholes in the system to transmit the virus to your device. Although the infection of devices was the prerogative of attackers to steal valuable information and then demand a monetary reward from you. Penetrating the operating system, the organization leaves there a developed program that manages all the data.

To go unnoticed, the CIA also uses Brutal Kangaroo and Hammer Drill tools. The first is responsible for hiding multimedia information, while the other spreads a virus for CD and DVD software. In total, these elements create a backdoor system for controlling your device and the idea is it is working in parallel with your software.

Mastering and controlling your car

This item is controversial, as many still use old-style vehicles. However, the newer your car, the greater the likelihood of a possible CIA infiltration. Penetrating the system, it controls the controls of the machine.

Firstly, in this way you can constantly monitor your location and conduct surveillance. But much worse is that some accidents can be planned, and therefore killings. Of course, you should not always be afraid of such events, but forewarned is forearmed.

Precautions against espionage and hacking your device

Now that you are aware of possible hacking, it’s worth talking about ways to protect yourself. Of course, if necessary, the CIA will be able to hack your device, but in everyday life, there are several ways to maintain confidentiality.

  • Use the latest firmware. Companies that manufacture equipment constantly monitor new threats and amend the system for appropriate protection. Therefore, do not delay the updates that arrive on your device.
  • Monitor device security. Although the CIA can circumvent the lock, an approach must be chosen for each device. However, by canceling the lock and abandoning auxiliary programs such as VPN, you provide the CIA with free access to data.
  • Control the communication on the phone. Many sites request permission to access phone information, which is not necessary at all. Control the networks you are connecting to and you can avoid a hacker attack.
  • Find a quality VPN and antivirus and don’t be afraid to pay for use. The fact is that free services are not responsible for security, so there is a risk of leakage of your data, and their recovery will cost much more. However, in any case, install an antivirus, and you can monitor the status of the device.


American espionage acts for good purposes. However, ordinary residents who want to spend time safely on the Internet should take better care of protecting the device, because data leakage can fall into the hands of hackers. Thanks to WikiLeaks, you know how the CIA breaks into our electronics, so you will be careful when browsing through the Internet and managing your device.

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