Recognize when your bandwidth is being throttled

by Daniel Segun January 13, 2020


There a few reasons for your internet speed to be unsatisfactory. Sometimes your Internet Service Provider can limit it. Such restrictions may result in long and annoying buffering distorting your working or entertainment hours with pauses.

Why do providers throttle us?

Throttling happens when a provider decreases your internet speed. It may affect all users at some point when they surf the net or watch streaming content. 

Usually, Internet Service Providers resort to it in case you have hit your data cap or stopped paying bills. However, sometimes you may face traffic limitations in terms of speed without a reason. 

Nowadays, people consume much more internet data than a few years ago. These amounts exceed the desired and predicted ones by Internet Service Providers. Thus, the reason for throttling is plain; it is too expensive to provide unlimited traffic and speeds. 

The results of such a situation are high prices of internet plans and less traffic you can use. What is more, even the so-called “unlimited” plans have some restrictions.

Why is your internet speed limited?

The reasons why your provider can limit your speed are the following:

  • Too many people using the network at the moment
  • Lack of neutrality
  • Restrictions on certain websites
  • Services limiting speeds themselves

First of all, your provider can limit your speed in case it is peak times. The reason is that it simply cannot ensure a smooth and balanced connection overwhelmed with huge amounts of data. Secondly, providers are able to interfere with which webpages you can access. It helps them to favor their own content. Thirdly, some Internet Service Providers may limit certain websites. For example, such instances happened to Netflix. Finally, even end-services are able to affect your traffic. For example, they can limit the speed of a streaming video.

What can help?

If you are sure that you are being throttled, try a VPN. Because of the fact that a VPN encrypts the data you use, your Internet Service provider can no longer control your traffic. They simply cannot follow your actions on the Internet, which determines the need for throttling.

What are the signs of throttling?

There are easy ways to check whether your provider limits your bandwidth. Try to use VPN services. If your internet speed significantly improves with a VPN, it is a clear sign that your traffic is being throttled. 

In addition, with a VPN you can enjoy some extra benefits, such as safety online, protection from being tracked or spied on, and the ability to have access to the content you are interested in at any place.

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